Sounds Of Brass



  • Live! Live! Live!, Continental, SZB 8269, 1969


    Tracks: Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye/ Special delivery/ Viva Bobby Joe/ South Carolina/ Turn on a dream/ I who have nothing/ Medley: Aquarius; Let the sun shine/ Nothing but a heartache/ Soul deep/ Bringing on back the good times/ Medley: Golden slumbers; Carry that weight/ Tracy/ Day after day

    Seven Single

  • Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye/ Turn on a dream, Continental, PD 9628, 1969

    seven single

    Note: This was South Africa's first stereo single release.

    I did find the Sounds Of Brass tape and sure enough, it plays in stereo. Its rather an off-brand of tape (Toshiba) for Gallo. I wonder if this session wasn't recorded at an outside studio.(Rob Allingham, Gallo Archive Manager, Sept 2000)

Band Members:
  • Denny Loren
  • Neville Whitmill
  • Nippy Cripwell
  • Manny Francisco
  • Lofty Schultz
  • Peter Hubner

Tertius Louw, May 2002

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