The Staccatos

Crouse, Le Gassick, Miller, Ryan, Andrews



  • Come Back Silly Girl, RCA Victor, 33, 042, 1965


    Tracks: Come back silly girl/ Sllop John B/ Mr Tambourine man/ Crying in the rain/ Romeo and Juliet/ My mom/ Ain't no way I'm gonna change/ You were on my mind/ Houston/ Little girl/ The one to lose/ Don't ask me

  • The 2nd Sin, PYE, PL 2091, 1966


    Tracks: Bless you/ Thou shalt not steal/ Then you can tell me goodbye/ Everybody loves a lover/ What have they done to the rain/ All the winds/ Sounds of glory/ Everybody knows/ Secret love/ Power of love/ Summertime/ It's just gotta be

  • Here and now, NEM, NEMS 300, 1968


    Tracks: Cry to me/ My back pages/ A place in the sun/ Shake your money maker/ Why care about today/ I'll take you where the music's playing/ Butchers and bakers/ You ain't going nowhere/ Respect/ Hold on to what you've got/ I get so excited/ Imitations of love

  • He was a friend of mine, NEM, NEMS 302, 1969


    Tracks: He was a friend of mine/ For what it's worth/ When something is wrong with my baby/ I got you/ Stormy monday part 1/ Cry to me/ I shall be released/ My heart beats like a hammer/ Police on my back/ Stormy monday part 2

    Steve Lonsdale Solo Album

  • Hard To Handle, NEM, NEMS 303, 1970


    Tracks: Hard to handle/ Do right woman/ Both sides now/ The love you save/ A whole lotta woman/ Rainon'/ Change your ways/ The long black limousine/ Send out love/ (It's all over now) baby blue

    Compilation Albums

  • Dance Party Spectacular, PYE, P 163, 162/3 R.P.M


    Track: Sounds of glory

  • Double Date, PYE, PL 2106, 1967


    Tracks: Spicks and specks/ Come back silly girl/ Bless you/ Sounds of glory/ Then you can tell me goodbye/ Thou shalt not steal

    Seven Singles

  • Skinny Minny/ Ain't that just like me, Parlophone 45 PD 322, 1964

  • Will ya or won't ya/ She's gone, Parlophone 45-SPD 347, 1965

  • Darlin'/ She's my girl, Parlophone 45-SPD 347, 1965

  • Come back silly girl/ My mom, RCA Victor, 41. 811, 1965

  • Bless you/ Then you can tell me goodbye, PYE, PY 69, 1966

  • Sounds of glory/ Thou shalt not steal , PYE, PY 115, 1966

  • Spicks and specks/ Everybody knows, PYE, PY 143, 1967

  • New York mining disaster/ All the winds, PYE, PY 156, 1967

  • I'll take you where the music's playing/ My girl, NEM, TOS 3001, 1968


  • Butchers and bakers/ Imitations of love, NEM, 3002, 1968


  • Cry to me/ Why care about today, NEM, 3003, 1968


  • Cry to me/ Why care about today, NEM, 3003, 1968, Limited Edition


  • Hold on to what you've got/ Another place-another time, NEM, TOS 582, 1969


  • When something is wrong with my baby/ Soothe me, NEM, TOS 610, 1969
    (The Staccatos with Wanda Arletti)


  • I shall be released/ A place in the sun, NEM, TOS 671, 1970

  • Cinnamon girl/ The journey, RTS, RTS.29, 1973

We All Played In The Same Band:

  • Brian le Gassick
  • John Leach
  • Willie van der Walt
  • Ian Miller
  • Richard Crouse
  • Jimmy Ryan
  • Billy Andrews
  • Gary Allen
  • Lieb Brews
  • Ronnie Cline
  • Steve Lonsdale
  • Eddie Boyle
  • Wanda Arletti
  • John Elliot
  • Ivor Back
  • Peter Vee
  • Tom Morton
  • Neil Fox
  • Harold Nicholson
  • Gavin Carson
  • Neville Harbett
  • Andre van Zyl
  • Neville Mann
  • Charlie Allen

The Film "Katrina":


  • The Staccatos performing cry to me in the film "Katrina"


    International Artists:

  • The Staccatos supported Peter and Gordon (1965), the Byrds (1970) and Chris de Burgh (1979) on their South African tours


    Tertius Louw, October 2002.

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