Amersham - Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

1999, Colossal Records, CDCLL(LF)7030



  1. Schizophrenic
  2. Monkey
  3. She has a Name
  4. Brilliant Fantastic
  5. Birthday
  6. Drive On
  7. Fine Thanks
  8. Matchbox
  9. ...Abduction
  10. Time Alone
  11. Supermaniac
  12. Tinman
  13. Borne Again
  14. Green is for Go


  • Adam Lomas: Vocals, guitars
  • Nathan Waywell: bass, backing vocals
  • Tim Trotter: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Marc Bentel: Guitar, keyboards, programming, backing vocals


Amersham are the Wimbledons of the SA Premier (Rock) League. Many doubted they would survive in the top SA rock division since the release of their debut album, 'Pickled', but survive they have. This they have achieved through a combination of solid rock traditions, consistently fresh songwriting, an inexhaustible dedication to dynamic live performances, and a cheeky sense of humour. As a result, Amersham have accumulated a devoted core of followers and an impressive catalogue of albums. The 14 songs on this mostly "Best Of" compilation are drawn from their previous three studio albums - 'Pickled', 'Wearing Thin' and 'Upside Downside'. They've thrown in three new tracks ('Schizophrenic', 'Drive On', and 'Supermanic') as well as a great live version of one of their crowd-favourites, 'Green Is For Go'.

These 14 songs feature the classic Amersham line-up of Adam Lomas (guitar and vocals), Nathan Waywell (bass and backing vocals), Tim Trotter (drums, percussion and backing vocals), and Marc Bentel (guitars, keyboards, programming, and backing vocals). Marc Bentel has recently left the band and been replaced by his predecessor Sasha Sonnibichler, who can be heard on the 'Pickled' tracks - 'Monkey', 'Birthday', and 'Tinman'. But the Amersham sound remains intact with the band supplying fresh, energetic and varied arrangements to Adam Lomas's wistful and pure-pop vocals. 'Abduction' covers the subject of alien abduction while in the loo, 'Borne Again' is an emotional ballad dealing with the "pseudo-religious aspects of awe-inspiring sex" (truly!), and 'Schizophrenic', the new track, is a radio-friendly pop classic with a killer chorus. So, no relegation fears for the Amersham "Crazy Gang" just yet. 'Revolving Doors' should give their careers a timely boost and will add more convertees to their no-nonsense SA fun-pop sound.

Stephen Segerman, SA Rockdigest October 1999

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