Amersham - Upside Downside

Upside Downside

1998, Colossal Records, CDCLL(SB)7023



  1. Borne Again
  2. Lullaby
  3. Time Alone
  4. ...Abduction
  5. Lightbulb
  6. Quality Control


  • Adam Lomas: Vocals, guitars
  • Nathan Waywell: bass, vocals
  • Tim Trotter: drums, percussion, vocals
  • Marc Bentel: Guitars, keyboards, programming, vocals


This, the third album by these alternative-poppers has been hailed as their best yet. Showing a departure from their usual too-poppy style, 'Upside Downside' finds these boys taking a new direction and turning out an album that is more serious in tone but still crammed with their distinctive jangly joy.

There are six tracks on this album and four have been slated as single releases ('Borne Again' , 'Time Alone', 'Lullaby' and the gorgeous 'Lightbulb'). 'Borne Again', the first single (and the attendant video) has been receiving heavy rotation on some of the SA radio stations and deserves it with chiming guitars and touching vocals. All these songs have been well crafted before being exposed on this album and the result is a solid and enjoyable SA album that does not attempt to be anything more than the best work this band can produce.

Stephen Segerman, Amuzine

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