Amersham - Wearing Thin

Wearing Thin

1997, Colossal Records, CDBSP (LF)7013



  1. Brilliant Fantastic (Underpants-Off Version)
  2. Wearing Thin
  3. 18 Way to Live Your Life
  4. She Has A Name
  5. Fine Thanks
  6. Simple Simon
  7. Baker Ben
  8. Matchbox
  9. Help Me Stand
  10. Leaded Red Balloons
  11. Brilliant Fantastic (Unleaded Version)
  12. Bob
  13. Mr. Fusspot


  • Adam Lomas: Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
  • Nathan Waywell: bass, backing vocals
  • Tim Trotter: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Marc Bentel: Electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Reggie "Friend" Bowman: Trumpet, violin
  • Darren Lee: Triangle
  • Craig MacKinnon: Harmonica


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All info supplied by John Samson, April 2002

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