Awakening - Risen


April 1997, Intervention Arts, INT001

The Awakening


  1. Nightfall
  2. Past Idol
  3. Change
  4. Focus
  5. The Sounds of Silence
  6. Difference
  7. Intervention
  8. Holocaust
  9. Standing
  10. Turn Away
  11. Jezzebel
  12. Sacrificial
  13. Child of the Moon

    Bonus Tracks on American re-release:

  14. Standing (Acoustic Version)
  15. No Reason


  • Ashton Nyte: Vocals and instruments
  • Jenni Hazell: Bass guitar on Tracks 1-4,6,8-12
  • Philip Booysens: Guitar solo on track 3, lead guitar on track 12
  • Leon Erasmus: Keyboards on tracks 3,4,7,9
  • Cheryl Staples: Backing vocals on tracks 9,11


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All info supplied by John Samson, June 2002

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