Battery 9 - Gris


Gris 2

1997, One F Music/Tic Tic Bang, BANGXCD029

Battery 9


  1. Kick The Machine
  2. Scream (Cornered Animal Mix)
  3. Cross No More Rivers (Naked Carrot Version)
  4. Koue Vuur (Arctic Torture Version)
  5. Kiss The Machine (H2SO4 Jacuzzi Mix)
  6. Lie If You Have To (Procession Mix)
  7. Oom Kosie (Breinskade Mix)
  8. Aag Fok
Limited Edition Bonus Disc:
  1. Another Dawn (Dopamine Deficiency Mix)
  2. 'n Nuwe Begin


Coming soon...

Info supplied by John Samson and the Official Battery 9 website, June 2002.

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