Battery 9 - Protskrog


1995, One F Music/Tic Tic Bang, ONEF002

Battery 9


  1. I'm Home
  2. Kom Hier
  3. Wees Bevrees
  4. Oil Slick Schizophrenic
  5. Oom Kosie
  6. Lucy From The Steakhouse In Delmas
  7. See You Later
  8. Villa Ding
  9. Stop Acting Weird
  10. Flight Of The Bungle Bee's Massive Stoned Cousin
  11. Tempo Hewig
  12. Heeere Kitty Kitty
  13. I'm Home (Fishwife Mix)


Coming soon...

Info supplied by John Samson and the Official Battery 9 website, June 2002.

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