Blk Sonshine - Blk Sonshine

Blk Sonshine

1998, Fresh Music, FRESH CD105

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 6
weeks on Top 20: 20


  1. Crazy
  2. Born In A Taxi
  3. Birds Will Sing
  4. Building
  5. Bahlalefi
  6. Agitation
  7. Melting IN The Rain
  8. Perfect Love
  9. Borders
  10. I Won't Talk
  11. Soul Smile
  12. Finger Painting Masterpiece


  • Masauko Chipembere: Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
  • Neo Muyanga: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Gaston Goliath: Percussion
  • Leon Mobley: Percussion
  • Gerald Johnson: Bass
  • Tom Gargano: Bass
  • Derf Reklaw: Flute and birds


Generally speaking, the most indispensable and wonderful album to come out of South Africa since Juluka's 'Universal Men' debut! Masauko Chipembere and Neo Muyanga are the new duo that comprise Blk Sonshine and they have combined their guitar-playing skills, songwriting talents, sweet voices and eclectic influences (Malawian/American and Botswanan/South African) to produce the most entertaining and evocative, jazz, rock, folk, reggae, kwaito and kwela SA musical fruit salad for ages.

Not a duff note, boring moment or weak section throughout this compelling and joyous collection, which was recorded in California while the duo was on tour in the US. This essential and Fresh (!) self-titled debut should become a permanent fixture on every music system in our country. It touches all the points of the SA musical compass and is unavoidably optimistic and happy. Sing along to songs that are all soon going to become very well known and let some Blk Sonshine into your life and the lives of those around you. The first great SA album of the new century!!
Best Moments: Crazy, Born In A Taxi, Birds Will Sing, Building, Bahlalefi, Agitation, Melting In The Rain, Perfect Love, Borders, I Won't Talk, Soul Smile, Finger Painting A Masterpiece.
Look Out For: The chorus of Born In A Taxi (as featured in that Santam/Yellow Umbrella TV Ad): "Spend my time loving you, if that's what you want me to do, you just have to say do!".

All info supplied by John Samson, July 2002

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