Coleske - Sings Simon and Garfunkel

Sings Simon and Garfunkel

2001, Jukebox Records, CDJUKE001 (EE)



  1. The Sound Of Silence
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. I Am A Rock
  4. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Good)
  5. Mrs Robinson
  6. Scarborough Fair
  7. El Condor Pasa
  8. The Boxer
  9. Medley of Paul Simon Solo hits:
    • Still Crazy After All These Years
    • Mother & Child Reunion
    • Cecilia
    • Take me To The Mardi Gras
    • Slip Slidin' Away
  10. A Heart In New York (Art Garfunkel Solo Hit)
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water


  • Ewald Coleske: Vocals
  • Arnold Coleske: Vocals
  • Mauritz Lotz: Acoustic, electric and nylon string guitars, keyboards
  • Dennis Lallouhette: Bass
  • Mathys Maree: Piano
  • Bruce Wallis: Drums


Coming sometime...

All info supplied by John Samson, July 2002

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