Eidolon - See Saw

See Saw

1998, Limited Edition, CD EID001


  1. Reflection
  2. Deep Within
  3. Sometimes
  4. Committed
  5. Fool Cycle
  6. Age of Red
  7. Sympathy
  8. Demons and Angels
  9. Why
  10. Stay With Me
  11. She


  • Kay van den Berg: Vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Tanya Bankart: Vocals
  • Gregory van den Berg: Sax, vocals
  • Stephen Bankart: Bass
  • Derek Ho Hip: Guitars
  • Derek Garnett: Drums


Eidolon began towards the end of 1997 when Kay Vandenberg (vocals, keyboards and piano) and her husband Gregory formed the band with Tanya Bankart (vocals), Stephen Bankart (bass), Derek Ho Hip (guitars), and Derek Garnett (drums). 1998 saw them writing material, gigging and preparing for the recording and release of their debut album, 'See Saw'. This female vocal, melodic rock album was launched at the Roxy Rhythm Bar in Melville and tracks from the album were playlisted on some of the major SA radio stations as well as many of the smaller regional and campus stations. An appearance on M-Net's 'Live@five' television program, as well as complimentary features in the SA magazines, Epic and Clubzine followed. Then, after a mini-tour of the South Coast at the end of 1998, Eidolon began their first national tour in March 1999. At this stage the group's line-up had changed with the departure of Tanya Bankart. The band also decided to alter their musical direction toward a more "art-rock" sound and a more rocky, less poppy sound. The band still presents a vibrant, interactive live show and has garnered huge interest (and sales of their album) through these performances.

'See Saw', Eidolon's eagerly awaited debut release, is as diverse and compelling as their exciting live shows. These 11 original compositions mostly feature Kay Vandenberg's expressive and adaptable vocals, which add light and colour to the various rock and pop styles on display here. The album was recorded and produced by Eidolon and engineered by Andrew Smith, assisted by Mike Fleming and Niell Pash. Although the band's sound works off the typical combination of a tight rhythm section, evocative guitar licks and cool saxophone touches, Eidolon have enough variety in their songwriting to keep these songs fresh and interesting throughout. 'Reflections' opens the album with a thunderous drum and guitar burst before Kay's voice swoops in with emotion and power. This pattern runs through the album with echoes of Fleetwood Mac, Catatonia and even Skunk Anansie popping up every now and then. But comparisons are unnecessary here as Eidolon have developed their own sound and material and seem set to sit alongside Karma as one of SA's foremost female-fronted rock bands. Other quality tracks include the emotional 'Deep Within', the sweetly sung 'Sometimes', and the closing 'She'. 'See Saw' is a competent debut and a promise of good things to come from Eidolon.

Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, SA Rockdigest #12, April 1999

All info supplied by John Samson, July 2002

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