Karma (Henry Ate) - One Day Soon

One Day Soon

1998, Primedia Record Company, CDPRC0014

Henry Ate


  1. One Day Soon
  2. Dr. Pepper
  3. X-Rated Fun
  4. Indian Giver
  5. Delorise' Point
  6. Days Like These
  7. Three Wishes
  8. Tuesday Afternoon
  9. I'm Tempted to Stay
  10. All the Same (Crazy)
  11. Seconds Count
  12. Pachelbel


  • Karma-Ann Swanepoel: Vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, sequencing, piano
  • Julian Sun: Backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Max Mikula: Electric guitar, nylon string guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Brendan Ou Tim: Bass
  • Peter Cohen: Drums, percussion
  • Marvin W. Moses: Keyboards
  • Willem Möller: Tambourine
  • Andy Innes: Mandolin
  • Ed Jordan: Keyboards
  • Mike Meiring: Harmonica
  • Brian O'Shea: Acoustic guitar


Coming sometime...

All info supplied by John Samson, September 2002

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