Henry Ate - Torn and Tattered

Torn and Tattered

2000, EMI, CDEMCJ(WI)5893

Henry Ate


  1. She's Alright
  2. Mad Hatter
  3. Two Seconds
  4. I'll Be Fine
  5. You Can Change
  6. Sunshine
  7. Isn't
  8. #28
  9. Prayer
  10. Fat Lady
  11. Seems Like
  12. Saints And Sinners
  13. I Should Have Known
  14. The Whistle Song
  15. Happy


  • Karma-Ann Swanepoel: Vocals, programming, acoustic guitar, keyboards
  • Julian Sun: Backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Max Mikula: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, Hawaiian guitar
  • Brendan Ou Tim: Bass, fretless bass
  • Kaolin Thomson: Keyboards, flute
  • Willem Möller: Electric guitar, keyboard
  • Michael Canfield: Drums
  • Angus Rose: Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, acoustic piano
  • Melissa Wiggins: Violin
  • Julian Wiggins: Saxophone, Irish whistle, bodhran
  • Tonia Selley: Tambourine, percussion
  • Louis Mhlanga: Electric guitar, nylon string guitar
  • Gary Herselman: Acoustic guitar

All info supplied by John Samson, September 2002

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