Mauritz Lotz - Six String Razor

original LP
remastered CD

1990, Tusk,
TUSC12 (LP),
ZTUC12 (Cassette),

2002, PT Music, MLCD 700

Mauritz Lotz


  1. The Beckoning
  2. Time To Love
  3. Six String Razor
  4. Desert Rain
  5. Groove No. 2749
  6. White Lights
  7. Aerial Landscape
  8. Reflections
  9. The Beckoning (reprise)


  • Mauritz Lotz: guitars, keyboards
  • Dennis Lalouette: bass
  • Kevin Kruger: drums
  • Neil Etridge: drums
  • Johan Laas: keyboards
  • Danny Antill: keyboards


In 1990 journeyman guitarist Mauritz Lotz released his first solo album. Aptly titled 'Six String Razor' this album of searing rock guitar instrumentals is a must-have for all lovers of the technical school of rock guitar.

Mauritz rocks really hard and fast on tracks like 'Six String Razor' and 'Groove No.2749' and then quietens down with a song like 'Desert Rain' which almost sounds like something Tananas would do.

This brilliant album has now been digitally remastered by Ali Heyns and released on CD, distributed by PT Music.

CD supplied by PT Music, July 2002

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