Scabby Annie


Cover art:

Petroleum   Superhero 2000


  • Jody Prehous: Vocals and guitars
  • Roger Erian: Drums
  • Graham Fitzsimmins: Bass, backing vocals
  • Paul Jeffreys: Guitar not on 'Petroleum'


This original punk trio burst out of the Eastern Gauteng area (Benoni/Springs) in 1996 with some hectic live romps and a special place in DJ Barney Simon's heart and playlist. Under the management of ('Hanging Out With.') Dave Chislett, Jody Preshous (vocals and guitar), Graham Fitzsimmons (bass and backing vocals) and Roger Erian (drums), carved a niche across the alternative SA scene and cemented their reputation with their debut album, 'Petroleum'. 'Potato Head', Miss Appelby' and their speed-grunge version of the classic 'Stand By Me' became live and radio favourites.

In August 1998, Scabby Annie - named after a card game - released their second album, 'Superhero 2000'. Their line-up now included Paul Jeffreys on guitar but a flurry of personnel and management changes saw them reverting to their original three-piece formation. These changes delayed the 'Superhero 2000' national tour which was rescheduled for later in the year.

All info supplied by John Samson, August 2002