Springbok Nude Girls


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Neanderthal 1 It Became A Weapon be-vest@iafrica.com
Afterlifesatisfaction Omnisofa Optimum
Surpass The Powers Relaxzor Fat Lady Sings


  • Arno Carstens: vocals
  • Theo Crous: guitars, vocals
  • Francious Kruger: drums
  • Arno Blumer: bass
  • Adriaan Brand: trumpet, synthesizer


This Springbok tight five led the successful Stellenbosch rock invasion, emerging halfway through the '90's with their winning blend of sonic metal, strong and melodic songs, rousing and deafening concerts and iconic frontman and musicians. They released four classic SA rock albums ('Neanderthal 1', 'Afterlifesatisfaction', 'Surpass The Powers' and 'Relaxzor') and a half-dozen collectable EPs, and bestrode the SA rock scene like talented and fully-confident rude boys, planning each step of their rock careers, yet striving to avoid the 'Blue Eyes' path to (sell out) pop glory that kept opening up before them. They remained focused and a law unto themselves, both live and in the studio, believing in their collective ability to make their own decisions regarding styles, sounds, and set lists.
-- Stephen Segerman


Springbok Nude Girls

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