Valiant Swart - Dorpstraat Revisited

Dorpstraat Revisited

1996, Wildebeest Records, SWART002

Valiant Swart


  1. Jesus Kwela
  2. How Can You Tune Me Nooit When I Tune You It's Cool
  3. Die Skoene Moet Jy Dra
  4. Die Brannewyn Skoffel
  5. Boomtown Hotel
  6. Oor 'n Koue Oseaan
  7. Troubles Be Gone
  8. 45 Moon
  9. Bloemfontein
  10. Dis My Kruis
  11. Then Away
  12. Oupa's Pace
  13. Samesyn
  14. Sweet Stellenganga


  • Valiant Swart: All instruments and vocals


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All info supplied by John Samson, June 2002

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