Akkedis - Voortvlugtend


2001, SSS Records, SSS001

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 1
weeks on Top 20: 12



  1. Anderkant die Berg
  2. Die Donker
  3. Datsun Stanza.1800.SSS 2-Tone CY 158563
  4. Akkers in jou Gutters
  5. Miesies Teenspoed
  6. Skoor met die Dood
  7. Travellers
  8. Voortvlugtend
  9. Sweet Stellenganga
  10. Langpad
  11. Toergids na Verdwaal
  12. Jannie Cocaine


  • Rudi Dennis: Vocals, drums
  • Arthur Dennis: Vocals, guitar
  • Swart Gabriel: Saxophone, piano
  • Barry Steenkamp: Bass


The Dennis brothers are a couple of ordinary good natured ou's, but put them on a stage with a guitar in Arthur's hand, and a drum set in front of Rudi (aka Pamela Anderson), add a bass guitar-playing Barry Steenkamp and the occasional blast on the saxophone from Swart Gabriel and these good natured ou's will teach you a bit about rocking.

Their second album 'Voortvlugtend' is a collection of fine rock tunes, ranging from the carefree 'Datsun Stanza.1800.SSS 2-Tone CY 158563' {what a title! - ed} that borrows heavily from the early Dire Straits sound, through the bouncy Lion Sleeps Tonight cover of Valiant Swart's 'Sweet Stellenganga' to the more serious and hard rocking 'Jannie Cocaine'. They display a great maturity and are able to create memorable melodies with astute Afrikaans lyrics about the ups and downs of life as white South African youth.

Although somewhat calmer than their live act, the album has a rawness and an edge to it that will keep the listener's attention throughout. This second generation boererock group is certainly one to watch, and 'Voortvlugend' is definitely a CD to own.

John Samson, London, England, SA Rock Digest, July 2001

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