Wonderboom - Rewind
(6 track EP)

album cover

November 2001, David Gresham Records, CDDGR 1533

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  1. Charlie (ain't slavin' 2 da habit)
  2. Shadows 2001
  3. Kiss Or Kill
  4. Africa
  5. Johnny Calls The Chemist
  6. Sunday Morning (Coming Down)

    Bonus track:
  7. Barney Simon's Shadows 2001 Remix

    Bonus Multimedia track:
    Wonderboom Uncovered


  • Wade Williams: bass
  • Martin "Cito" Otto: vocals, guitar
  • Danny de Wet: drums
  • Martin Schofield: guitar, vocals

Press Release:

On their exciting new multimedia enhanced CD 'REWIND', top SA band Wonderboom pay tribute to classic South African songs and, along the way, re-invent Rock ‘n Roll... African Style.

Check this out:
CHARLIE (ain’t slavin’ 2 da habit) - ina RocKwaito Style!
Way back to the 70’s when Trevor, Duncan, Ronnie and Neil were Rabbitt and Charlie didn’t surf.

SHADOWS 2001 - ina New Millenium Rock Style!
Wonderboom drummer Danny played for éVoid when he was at school (in grade two) ...the band had no choice!

KISS OR KILL - ina Funky Indie Ballad Style!
B World wrote this great song in the mid nineties and taught Wonderboom members Cito, Martin and Wade the difference between decent and decadent on their first tour.

AFRICA - ina Glamafrican Stompin’ Style!
As exiles who stayed to face the music, Wonderboom feel no true SA tribute would be complete without a Johnny Clegg contribution - their favourite Juluka song.

JOHNNY CALLS THE CHEMIST - ina Rock/Mbaqanga style!
In the early eighties, Cape Town mullets Falling Mirror started dialing ... Wonderboom answered from a pay phone in Soweto!

SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN - ina Folk You Rockin’ Style!
This South African Nashville classic has been performed in places like Bapsfontein, Roodepoort, and Welkom for decades but was left up to Wonderboom to immortalise ‘vir Volk en Vaderland!’

"Charlie (ain’t slavin’ 2 da habit)" is already receiving max cross-over airtime on National, Campus and Regional stations and with Wonderboom - SA’s most kickass live band - performing at concerts like the 5FM Birthday Bash and then embarking on a major National Tour over the festive season, follow up singles 'Africa' and 'Shadows 2001' (which features a second time on REWIND as a Barney Simon remix bonus track) are sure to dominate the South African airwaves well into 2002.

(Press release - David Gresham Records)

SA Rock Digest Issue #138

It's about time someone did this. And Wonderboom is composed of just the master rock musicians to do it. I'm talking about making a CD that's an homage to SA rock.

Five out of the seven tracks on 'Rewind' pay tribute to some superlative SA rock artists, Rabbitt, éVoid, Johnny Clegg, and Falling Mirror -- tracks by some great rock musicians in their own right, and write. With members from 8 Legged Groove Machine and The Electric Petals, the Wonderboom musos obviously know and love South African rock.

Wonderboom also perform a cranking guitar take on Kris Kristofferson's
melancholy 'Sunday Morning Coming Down', and do 'Kiss or Kill' by B World who, like Simple Minds, as they say, "closed for Wonderboom" on tour.

Additionally, The CD includes "Barney Simon's Shadows 2001 Remix', and lets us see a multimedia track. The multimedia track consists of rapid-fire short clips of indoor and outdoor performances, interviews, music videos, and a flurry of media articles.

You also get high quality Wonderboom music. My particular favorites are
'Shadows 2001', 'Johnny Calls the Chemist', and 'Africa'. None of these
songs are slavish covers, all come across as eclectic Wonderboom songs
written by other people. Though perhaps recorded in slight haste, the CD's songwriting and performing both sound polished, professional, and

Wonderboom's 'Rewind' is a fun CD, musically and visually, and an homage to SA rock that stands on its own electric legs. And I'm glad that the somebody who had this tribute idea was Wonderboom.

Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas

Live Review:
SA Rock Digest issue #143

Friday 15 February 2002

Desert Velvet (no relation to Desert Rose or Velvet Mary) played an energetic set to a very enthusiastic crowd at the Jam on Friday night.
Desert Velvet are a 5-piece Cape Town band featuring Al Paton on vocals and acoustic guitar. The rest of the band are Richie Broderick on drums, Yves Deicont on guitar, Mike Deicont on bass & Marcus Bester on keyboards. Difficult to describe their style, but Prog-punk with touches of Just Jinger style pop-rock might come close (on the other hand, maybe not).

I was already won over by this band's first few songs, but the relationship was cemented when they covered Deep Purple's 'Hush'. Originally written by Joe South and a big hit for Deep Purple in 1968 'Hush' was also a hit for Kula Shaker in the late 90s.

Desert Velvet's closing number featured a percussive section with drummer Richie laying down a groove and Al hitting a Djembe with all his might. Awe-inspiring stuff.

Power punk rock is alive and well and Wonderboom is its name. Lead singer Cito didn't stop moving for a second as the sweat dripped off his shirtless and tattoed torso.

Wonderboom's recent 'Rewind' CD payed (played?) tribute to the history of SA Rock and on Friday night we heard live versions of Falling Mirror's 'Johnny Calls The Chemist', éVoid's 'Shadows' and the Kwaito rock version of Rabbitt's 'Charlie'. This song featured Martin, the lead guitarist, on rap vocals with Cito whilst bassist Wade took over the guitar duties. A stunning rocking version that really was a lot of fun and I didn't want it to end. I know 'Charlie' co-composer Patric van Blerk likes it, I wonder what Trevor Rabin thinks?

Wonderboom also payed tribute to Afrikaner rock by singing an incredible version of 'Johnny Is Nie Dood Nie' from 1994's 'Elke Boemelaar se Droom' by Koos Kombuis. Interspered with these tributes to SA Rock history were Wonderboom's own brand of rock with songs like 'Jafta Rebel' and 'Green Fever'.

They ended their excellent set with that song of obsessive love "never ever ever ever ever gonna let you go..."

Well we let them go, but we know they'll be back.
(Brian Currin)

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