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DEBONAIRE, June 1964

All I can recall about Africa Shakes was playing in the plains with a group of dancers who had just appeared in the film Zulu. I remember performing Do you love me, Someone Someone and Come on in, in the film.
(Rick Westwood, The Tremeloes, Nov 2001)


During their recent tour of South Africa, Brian Poole and the Trem's found time to spend a day on location filming The Merseyside Beat, SA Film Studios exciting new movie about pop artists in Africa. The boys make a guest appearance in the film.

Bill Kimber and the Couriers, one of the hottest "new wave" groups in the business are currently cutting up the African veld with capers that have got the natives singing "Yeah! Yeah!" to a new tribal beat - the Merseyside Beat! What's more, it's all being filmed for a new movie called (oddly enough) THE MERSEYSIDE BEAT.

Starring THE COURIERS, with guest appearances by BRIAN POOLE AND THE TREMELOES, DANA VALERY, UNA VALLI and that fab new Cape Town group THE SETTLERS. The picture features twenty great song hits and a giggle or two as the jungle tries to tame the wildest bunch of characters to plug their guitars into a baobab tree.

BandBill Kimber and the Couriers are a talented group of London boys (They're all under twenty) who are being launched into the pop world of music in an unusual way - they're getting their big kick-off in South Africa!

After touring the country, starring in a film called THE MERSEYSIDE BEAT and cutting a number of discs, they will tour England with Brian Poole and the Tremeloes.


Tertius Louw, Summer 2002

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