The Omega Limited

Omega Ltd

Weinberg/ Gordon/ Brand/ Greeff


    Compilation Albums

  • Super Groups Vol 2, Polydor BPD 2029/2, 1970


    Track: Tchaikovsky 1

  • 24 South African Smash Hits, Satbel BELD 23007, 1975


    Track: If I were a carpenter

  • Compilation CD

    The Best Of South African Pop, 3CD Box Set
    (CD Two), GALLO CDSAPOP 2, 1993

    Best Of SA Pop Volume 2 - Box Set - CD two

    Track: Tchaikovsky 1

    The Best Of South African Pop, Volume 2,
    (1st Edition), GALLO CDGMP 40486 Z, 1994

    Best Of SA Pop Volume 2 - 1st Edition

    Track: Tchaikovsky 1

    The Best Of South African Pop,Volume 2
    (2nd Edition), GALLO CDGMP 40486 V, 1997

    Best Of SA Pop Volume 2 - 2nd Edition

    Track: Tchaikovsky 1

    Astral Daze Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972
    RetroFresh, freshcd148, January 2006

    Astral Daze

    Track: The Boy And The Bee

    Seven Singles

  • Omega Ltd: Tchaikovsky 1/ The boy and the bee, Polydor PS 37, 1970



  • The Second City Sound: Tckaikovsky one, Decca FM 7219, 1966
    #22 Hit on UK charts in 1966


  • The Defcons: Tchaikovski one, Meteor PR 1117
    The Defcons were also a Cape Town band


  • Omega Ltd: Grieg one/ ???? (No details)

  • The Second City Sound: Grieg one, Decca FM 7263, 1966


  • Omega Ltd: If I were a carpenter/ Mother loves her son, Jo'Burg TJS 13, 1974



  • Omega Ltd: Taking it easy/ I love my life,
    Epic EN 1603, 1977




    Original band:

  • Louis Greeff: guitar
  • Alan Weinberg: bass
  • Mike Brand: drums
  • Derek Gordon: keyboards, guitars, vocals

    Subsequent band members included at various times:

  • Peter Grallman: keyboards
  • Barry Irwin: bass see Freedom's Children
  • Dave Maloney: vocals
  • Geoff Goode: vocals
  • Pete Hunt: keyboards
  • André Fourie: guitar (died 21 March 2000)
  • Saverio "Savvy" Grande: drums played in Suck in 1970
  • Dave Gommersall: guitar later in Sudan (the band, not the country)


Omega Limited were formed in Cape Town in 1966. Heavily influenced by Psychedelia and the Hendrix-sound, they won the "Battle Of The Bands" in 1967 and 1968! 'Tchaikovsky 1' reached #3 on the Springbok Hit Parade in May 1970.

I remember seeing Omega Limited playing live at the Clifton Hotel in the late 70s... great stuff.
-- Brian Currin, June 2000

Tertius Louw, October 2001

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