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It feels like a lifetime ago that we ventured into a recording studio to put our first album together which was in 1983. It was originally produced on vinyl and now, 29 years later, we have officially released it on CD. Thank you to Mark Raats for creating the spectacular new ‘retro’ artwork.

We also delved into the depths of our archives and dug out all recordings that were made at that time and included them on this album. There are 8 bonus tracks. ‘Shady Lady’ and ‘Take It On The Run’ were recorded in 1984. Tracks 12 to 17 were the original rough raw demos that were laid down in 1982 for pre production purposes.

For all of you who have supported and bought Off The Edge albums over the years, you can now finally complete your collection.

-- Peter Hanmer, March 2012

Off The Edge is a South African melodic rock band originally formed in Johannesburg in the early 80s.

Musicians: (current line-up)

  • Peter Hanmer (born 24th October 1959): Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass
  • Clint Cunningham: All Main Vocals
  • Dave Sharp: Hammond C3, Pianos, Synthesisers, Bass
  • Glen Welman: drums
  • Mike Dorea: bass
See Family Tree for previous line-ups.

Cover Art:

Mark Raats has been closely involved with Off The Edge and has been responsible for the creation of all the band's album covers. More about Mark here...

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