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"His formula's simple
and his format's big"
from Rex Bob Lowenstein by Mark Germino, 1989


David Blood Started on Radio doing Radio Theatre in Durban in the 1970’s with shows like Father Dear Father, The Navy Lark, Friends and Neighbours, Lux Radio Theatre, Playhouse 90 and many more. Got into TV easier than Radio in Johannesburg in 1976, became a Weatherman on TV and a TopSport presenter then later one of the TV1 continuity announcers.

Joined 702 just after it launched in 1980 was with them doing the evening music show from 19:00 to 22:00 and Sunday afternoons until headhunted by Radio 5 late in 1984 for the afternoon drive show. Was later joined by Tony Sanderson which resulted in the Chuckle and Chat Show the biggest show to hit radio in South Africa. A show that broke all the rules and stereotypes for broadcasting on Government controlled Radio.

Went back to 702 in 1988 to launch night time talk radio in the form of Talk at Ten, which later became Talk at Nine a show that still runs today after a myriad of presenters. Had a stint with Radio 2000 and Highveld Stereo before leading the Blood Consortium against Primedia and other potential buyers in a race to buy the station. Was always in trouble for playing good music and not sticking to the “Format” So being able to play what I like and share my music with others, without waiting for the “Red Phone” to ring, is a great pleasure.

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