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"His formula's simple
and his format's big"
from Rex Bob Lowenstein by Mark Germino, 1989

Greg Tucker

Greg Tucker

Greg Tucker has been into music his entire life, crazy for it! He spent 6 years in the music industry, cutting his teeth at Hillbrow Records, and then running a CD shop at the Village Walk called CD Connexion. From there he moved to an Underground Record Company where he repped for them for over a year. From there he moved into the murky world of IT, Bar-coding in a Sales environment where he now plies his trade as a Sales Insultant for ProScan Systems (Pty) Ltd!!

Greg has been an active night club DJ for 16 years, playing at clubs such as Le Club, 40 Watt Club, The Cramps, Alcatraz, The Secret Parties, Tokyo Star to name but a few. He has hosted his own Hip Hop nights (scratching, etc) at a place called Time Out, playing at MANY Raves when the scene first began, such as Ice, Origin, etc, etc, etc. His first love has always been Alternative and Indie music, he abhors commercial music for the sake of the greenback, boy bands, Britney, Madonna, Christina UglyError, etc. His favourite bands and musicians are Nick Cave (all his bands, Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, etc) Depeche Mode (a healthy love for eclectic electronic music was fostered by Depeche Mode).

Greg is likely to play anything from LCD Soundsystem, The Faint through to Smog. He would appreciate your feedback as he is new to broadcasting and would love to be able to improve and therefore welcomes any criticism, and more importantly praise, lots of it, he thrives on praise people.

Greg is Gemini, lives in Lonehill, drives Peugeot, is married, abhors spineless people and doesn’t suffer fools gladly ... enough said.

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