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"His formula's simple
and his format's big"
from Rex Bob Lowenstein by Mark Germino, 1989

Tamara Jeunette


I was born on the first of October 1979. I am a poster child for Libra: in other words I love unconditionally (often to my detriment), I can sulk spectacularly, I love a good debate, I can be extraordinarily indecisive, I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family and I strive for balance all the time which makes me somewhat unpredictable.

Although I haven’t been a part of the music industry per se, it has been a passion since I was a little girl. I started Ballet at the age of three and danced devotedly for 15 years. I have competed and excelled in Contempory, Ballet, National, Modern and Spanish dancing. I have dabbled in Belly dancing and have been learning Latin American for just over two years.


I grew up with classical music, the Beatles, the Beach boys, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, ABBA and all the other rock and roll greats from the sixties. My favourite composer is Mozart. At the age of eleven or twelve I discovered Metallica. Thanks to them I avoided being drawn completely into the techno/rave scene. Metallica are and always will be my favourite band. The song ‘One’ off their album ‘…and justice for all’ is probably my favourite although it’s a tough call between that, ‘Welcome Home (sanitarium) off ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘My Friend of Misery’ off the black album. At the age of fourteen I was drawn to Soundgarden, the Cranberries, the Offspring, Live and others. I was introduced to Savatage a couple of years later (thank you Brian) and my love of Alternative, Metal and Hard Rock was cemented.

I abhor computerized ‘music’, pretentious people, arrogant and judgemental people, cruel and tactless people, fruit (although I enjoy fruit juice; I have texture issues), moths (childhood issues) and winter.

I love my mother, my sister, my book collection, my CD and DVD collection, dancing, reading, tabletop roleplaying, driving, my cats, my snake, horror movies, knowledge, any type of cheese and being independent.

Dragon tattoo My favourite mythical creatures are Vampires, Faeries and Dragons. I have a dragon tattoo on my lower back that my sister designed for me. She is an artist, graphic designer and four years younger than me. Her name is Alexandra and she is one of two of the most precious people in the world to me. The other is my mother Dale who is the best thing I could have ever hoped for in unconditional support, love and guidance no matter what challenges I threw at her.

I live on my own with my cats, Kasperl and Gypsy and my ghost corn snake Powder. During the day, I earn a living as a Financial Advisor for Liberty Life. This is a recent and very important career change I made last year August. I spent the rest of last year ‘finding myself’. I have done a TV presenter course, done extra work for TV series and adverts. Oddly though I don’t own a TV.

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