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The RockIt Scientist
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1485 Radio Today
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The RockIt Scientist is a very diverse music programme that features Progressive/ Hard/ Classic Rock, Blues, Brass Rock, Latin/ African Rock, Jazz and Metal music.

As "non-commercial/ non-Top 40" music ranging from the mid sixties to the present day is featured, the intention is to cater for the more discerning music listener, with no age limits or restrictions imposed or implied. An open mind and a love of music is mandatory!

The programme, which is broadcast on 1485am Radio Today, every Friday evening between 10pm and 1am, is presented by Leon Economides, who has worked with radio greats such as Tony Sanderson (Chuckle and Chat Show on Radio 5), Chris Prior (The Priority Feature on Radio 5), Phil Wright (The Dinosaur Days on 5fm), and Rafe Lavine (Rock Classics and The Great Unknowns on Radio 5, and the original RockIt Scientists on SAfm).

Radio Today is also available nationwide on the DStv Audio Channel 70.

The RockIt Scientist went live on air on Wednesday the 31st August 2005.

The RockIt Scientist is part of the RockFest on 1485 Radio Today


All the news is archived in the News Archive

Hello there
Welcome to the latest newsletter.
The playlist forThe RockIt Scientistshow of 22/09/2006 isalso featured in the newsletter.
(Please note new address for The RockIt Scientist website, www.rockitscientist.co.za, with thanks to webmaster Brian Currin, who comes up with the odd gem now and again. His latest oneconcerned the Canadian AOR band, Wrabit, who were featured on The RockIt Scientist recently).
Brian piped up "Didn't Trevor Wrabin play for Wrabit?"
Nice one, old bean, but don't lose the day job just yet!
The Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today Newsflashes
Rafe Lavine (Hot Dog Radio)
The Rockfest is very sorry to say goodbye to Rafe Lavine, who presented hisfinal show on 1485 Radio Today this last Friday night. Rafe has decided that he needed to spend more quality time with hisfamily and concentrate on his business. Ever the professional, Rafe felt that he wasn't able to devote as much time as he would have liked to The Rockfest, andas we respect his decision but lament the loss to the stationof one of South Africa's most respected broadcasters, we'dlike to thank him sincerely for hisinput, very entertaining showsand commitment.
Another one of South Africa's most respected radio jocks, David Blood,will present his"In Your Vein" showin the slot vacated by Rafe, startingfrom
Friday 13th October.
David's 10pm to midnight Tuesday slot, in turn, will be filled by the newest member of The Rockfest, Rui de Sousa. Rui has a lot of experience in the music industry, having workedwith Sony Music for many years. He currently co-owns and runs two music stores called High Fidelity, one in the Killarney Mall and the other in Bedford Centre. Rui isalsothe country's sole distributor of independent record labels such as Frontiers, Favored Nations, Cherry Red and others, so you can be assured that you'll be hearing some great new material from the many fantastic artists on these labels.
Just for thiscomingFriday night (06 October), The RockIt Scientist will be broadcast from 08pm 'til 01am (five hours!), and if all goes well, I hope to have one or two specialguests in the studio. If not, don't be too suprised if you hear BOTH sides of Nektar's "Remember The Future", or allFOUR sides of Yes's "Tales From Topographic Oceans"in their entirety! (Nah - not quite!)
The newchanges will appear on The Rockfest website shortly.
The Red Flag Collective
Caroline Hillary and Lara Preston presented their very first "The Red Flag Collective"show between 08pm and 10pmon Tuesday 03 October. It went down very well and it looks to be a popular addition to The Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today. You can read up on them (and see their photos)on
The Rockfest website(www.rockfest.co.za).
Rockfest Club
Please visit www.rockfest.co.zaand sign up.Your support will ensure that The Rockfest on 1485 Radio Todaygoes from strength to strength.
RockIt Scientist news:
Pink Floyd give-away
The response to the Pink Floyd CD "pack"giveaway was unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries.
The question was: Who is (was!) the "Crazy Diamond" in the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond?" Of course, that was none other than the late Syd Barrett.
Congratulations to the following five people, whowill each receive "The Division Bell", ''A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" and "Live-Delicate Sound Of Thunder", courtesy of Sony Music:
Brian Taylor
Dave Kershaw
Angelique Mulder
Lawrence Tomassini
Victor Strugo
The CDs will reach you in due course.
More competitions/giveaways to follow in the weeks to come.
Jimmy's Killer Prawns, one of the main advertisers on The Rockfest, have had a whole bunch ofwall clocks, which are made out ofvinyl records, complete with The Rockfest and 1485 Radio Today logos, available to listeners/readers! More info on these exciting giveaways to come shortly.
Check out the "Gigs" page on The RockIt Scientist website (www.rockitscientist.co.za) - there's some great live music happening, one in particular being Geoff Plant,Nigel Gedden and the guys in Three Foot Thang, who will be performing at Tonino's (Dunnotar Street, Sydenham, off LouisBotha Avenue),on Saturday 7th October.
Three Foot Thang are a particularly good rock outfit who've been regularly featuredonboth The RockIt Scientist and on Rafe Lavine's Hotdog Radio.Tonino's is a very vibey music venue withgreat food.(Tel 011 485 1748 for bookings)
A particularly exciting event is to take place on Saturdaythe 25th of November, so make a note in your diary nowto get to:

The Table Mountain Blues Summit

On the 25th November 2006, Cape Town is going to be seeing a Blues Festival of proportions never before done in the Cape.

Blues artists, who are the masters in their field, will be doing renditions of the likes of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BB King, Eric Clapton as well as their own masterpieces.

Sound Engineering will be of the highest caliber with a rig good enough for an open-air concert.

The venue has been chosen for its great sound attributes as well as crowd friendliness, with numerous liquid refreshment pit stops and toilet facilities.

There will also be a smoking section available for those with the desire.

The highlight of the evening will be a once-off re-union of one of Cape Towns best ever blues outfits - BLUES BROERS.

Seeing that it is the year that the mighty "BIG BOB" turns 50 yrs old, the evening is sure to be one not to be forgotten.

VENUE: Tafelberg Tavern

105 Hope Street

Cape Town

Emcee: Dr Ian Bell

Line up: Terri & Harper Jnr Blues duo

Gerald Clark

Boulevard Blues

Albert Frost Trio

Piet Botha & Jackhammer

Blues Broers

Southern Gypsy Queen

Costs: R120.00 per person

Gates open: 3.00pm

For ticket sales or more information, contact Mike Combrinck 083-4599748 (mike@gkcmarketing.co.za).

Dinosaurdays Website

Grateful thanks to Japie Marais, webmaster of The Dinosaurdays website (www.dinosaurdays.co.za). Japie has kept the site going for a number of years, even though The Dinosaurdays (a two-hour, once a weekradio show,that Phil Wright and I used to present on 5fm for over six years,) was taken off theair nearly four years ago.

Japie has re-designed the site andretained all the information and features that we'd accumulated over the years, although, due to time constraints, I may not be able to contribute much by way of entries, write-ups,etc, as has been the case for the last four years or so.

The RockIt Scientist (www.rockitscientist.co.za)and Dinosaurdays websiteswill belinked, so between the two of them, there's enough info/trivia to keep you going for a while!

If you have any gigs you'd like advertised, or any comments, requests, etc,please email me at leon@rock.co.za.
Martin Griffiths
If you're a regular RockIt Scientist (and Dinosaurdays!) listener, the name Martin Griffiths will be quite familiar to you.
Martin was the vocalist and one of the original members of one of my all-time favorite groups, Scotland's Beggars Opera.He featured on the band's first three, and bestalbums, "Act One", "Waters Of Change" and "Pathfinder". He has a very interesting website (www.rockingscots.co.uk), with tons ofinformation about Scottishbeat and rock bands from the 60's and early70's, since the 90's,and he's contributed to a new book by Martin Kieltyon Scottish rock called "Big Noise", which will be out this month. (Visit www.bignoisebook.com)
Martin is still performing to this day, and his son Phillip, (who RockIt Scientist listeners will remember in Alias Eye and Poor Genetic Material), has carried on in his father's fine footsteps.
The RockIt Scientist is part of The Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today, which is also broadcast onDSTV Audio Channel 70.
The following bands/artists were featured on The RockIt Scientiston Friday22 September:
Elephant's Memory
Chicken Shack
The Answer (giveaway)
Led Zeppelin (tribute to Bonzo)
Tarney Spencer Band
Charlie Daniels Band
Bad Company
Foreigner (new Live album)
Keef Hartley Band
Creative Rock
Stomu Yamash'ta
Flied Egg
Fuzzy Duck
Raw Material
Paul Samson (new album)
Riot (new album)
Desperado (new album)
Tucky Buzzard
(See below for write-ups/reviews)
Playlist for Friday 22/09/2006 - 22h00 to 01h00
01. Elephant's Memory - The Running Man, from "Angels Forever", in 1974
This US band, who started out in the mid to late sixties as a psych/hippie outfit, were big buddies with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, appearing onthe former's" Some Time In New York" album in 1972. (Lennon, in turn, reciprocated by appearing on the band's self-titled 4th album, the same year). Elephant's Memory also appeared on the soundtrack to themovie "Midnight Cowboy". They released a total of five albums, the featured album being their heaviest and, arguably, their best.
02. Fable - Hard Life, from "Fable", in 1973
This short-livedEnglish folk-rock outfit were formed by vocalist Pete Goalby in the early 70's. Not unlike Unicorn and Wooden Horse sans the female vocals, their music was punctuated by some really pleasant acoustic bits, with the odd rocker, as per the featured track, thrown in. Goalby went on to feature with Trapeze, Uriah Heep and others, and bass guitarist Peter Mackiewith Roy Wood (he of the nicely groomed hair)inWizard/Wizzo.
03. Chicken Shack - Riding With The Devil, from "The Creeper", in 1977
Featuring Stan "The Man'' Webbin amore rock-orientated mood. The band now featured (the late) Tony Ashton on keyboards, Paul Martinez on bass, Edd Spevock (ex-Babe Ruth) on drums and Robbie Blunt (Broken Glass/Robert Plant), together with the great man, Stan, on guitars. Stan Webb is still one of the finest, and most underrated, blues guitarists in the world. If you don't believe that, check out the recent "I'd Rather Go Live" dvd, released on Angel Air Records, about a year ago. And his voice is stillnot too shabby, either.
Give-away time again.
This time, courtesy of Rob O'Brienat Redflag, we had three copies, plus three posters, of the debut album, called "Rise",of the sensational new Irish blues/rock outfit, The Answer, to give away.
Question was (a real difficult 'un: Where areThe Answer from?)
The three winners were:
Patrick Jacobs
Tamara Loob
Monica Erasmus
Tracks from "Rise"featured were:
04. The Answer - Come Follow Me.
05. The Answer - Into The Gutter.
06. The Answer - Never Too Late
If you don'thave this album yet, get it. It's really good. If this is the direction hard rock/blues rock is heading, the future of the genre looks very promising.
A tribute to John "Bonzo" Bonham
Considered by many to be one of the finest rockdrummers of all time, John Bonham was born in England on May 31st, 1948. He worked as a bricklayer before launching his musical career in a series of Birmingham-based bands, such as Terry & The Spiders and Band Of Joy, with future partner/band member Robert Plant. He subsequently worked on the British touring circuit backing vocalist Tim Rosewhen the offer to join Led Zeppelin came up, although guitarist Jimmy Page's initial first choice drummerhad been Procol Harum's B.J.Wilson. Joining Bonham and Page were vocalist Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones, and one of the greatest rock bands in the world was born, evolving out of The (New) Yardbirds.
Bonzo's reputation and ability are legendary-you just need to check out his drumming on the "LedZeppelin" dvd, released a few years ago, and you'll be convinced that he was in a different league.
Unfortunately, like so many before, and after him, he was a slave to the evil of drugs and booze, which ultimately claimed his life on
September 25th, 1980.
Out of respect for their fallen comrade, the rest of the group promptly disbanded in October 1980, having recorded nine albums between 1969 and 1979.
07. Led Zeppelin - Ramble On, from "Led Zeppelin 2", in 1970
One of the best, and most important records in rock history. This album set the stage for fame and fortune that would make Led Zep probably the world's biggest-ever group in terms of fan adulation and record sales. No hard rock collection can be considered to be complete without it. The cardboard replica edition make this (and theothers in the series) a must for any collector.
08. Tarney Spencer Band - Set The Minstrel Free, from "Three's a Crowd", in 1978
Alan Tarney (guitars/keyboards/vocals) and Trevor Spencer (drums) had worked as sessions musicians forcountless bands and artists. This was their second studio album, and it featured all of the members of The Climax Blues Band as backing musicians, as well as keyboard player Lynton Naiff from jazz/rock outfit Affinity. They recorded a third album in 1979.
09. Firefall - Mexico, from ''Firefall", their great debut album, released in 1976.
Firefall have been extensively featured on The RockIt Scientist and they're well represented on The RockIt Scientist website, so you can read up on them elsewhere on the site. Suffice to say that they weresometimes unfairlysaid to be a poor man's version of Poco or The Eagles. Not true. They were equally as good, if not better, than their better-known contemporaries. Firefall released a number of great albums and charting singles.
10. Charlie Daniels Band - Blind Man, from "Million Mile Reflections", in 1979
Another RockIt Scientist/Dinosaurdays regular, and certainly not onlybecause of his "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"classic. Charlie Daniels was, and stillis, one of the most respected fiddle players/guitarists/vocalists in Country Rock music. He's always hadgreat musicians in his band, a tradition that has remained true to this day.A long-awaited dvd, "CDB DVD Live", was released about a year ago.
11. America - Tin Man, from ''Holiday", in 1974
America were formed in the late 60's by the offspring of American servicemen stationed in the UK. Heavily influenced by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America,comprising Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek, were extremely popular in the early to mid 70's, scoring with a number of major hits, such as ''A Horse With No Name", 'I Need You", "Ventura Highway", the featured track,and a host of others. Dan Peek left in 1977, but Bunnell and Beckley continued to write great songs and fill venues. The band are still around today, and recently released a very good live dvd, recorded at The Sydney Opera House in Australia, a few years ago.
12. Bad Company - No Smoke Without Fire, from "Best Of Bad Company Live - What You Hear Is What You Get", in 1993.
This was the band's first official live album, and it featured new vocalist Brian Howe (ex-Ted Nugent's Band), together with bassist Rick Willis (ex- Foreigner, King Crimson and Peter Frampton, who replaced the now sadly deceased Boz Burrell) and guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell (ex-Samson). Original members, guitaristMick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke, still featured with the band at this stage, although Ralphs would later leave, with Colwell taking over sole guitar duties. Original vocalist Paul Rodgers revived Bad Co about four years ago.
13. Foreigner - Juke Box Hero, from ''Live, Las Vegas, November 26, 2005''
Not quite an official live album (as in a worldwide release), but certainly a must-have for any fans of this legendary band. This album featuresthe new line-up of Jason Bonham (ex-Bonham & UFO, on drums), Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken, bass), Jeff Jacobs (keyboards/vocals), Tom Gimbel (guitar/sax/flute/vocals) andKelly Hansen (vocals, ex-Hurricane & MSG), together with sole original member, guitarist/vocalist Mick Jones. Nice recording, nice crowd,most of the well known tracks,but strangely no "Double Vision"!
14. G3 - La Grange, from "Live in Tokyo", in 2005
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & John Petrucci (Dream Theater) team up together on this double album that features each guitarist doing his own thing, as well as the three of them collaborating on a number of well known classics, such as their version of the bearded ones' "La Grange".
15. Keef Hartley Band - Not Foolish, Not Wise, from "The Battle Of North West Six", in 1969
Fresh from their performance at Woodstock (has anybody EVER seen footage of their performance at Woodstock?? Wishful thinking!), the band set about recording this album, considered by many to be one of their best. Featuring Miller Anderson (vocals/guitar), Gary Thain (bass) and Keef Hartley on drums (nice little solo, there, Keef!)
16. Swallow - Why Am I Treated So Bad, from "Out Of The Nest", in 1972
This band, who's name is also given to the bird that prevents babies (!), were a little-known US brass-rock outfit who released one pretty rare album and folded in the early 70's. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter appeared on the album. Anyone know why he was known as "Skunk" Baxter? Rumor has it that he used to drop the odd trouser cough in the studioduring recording sessions!
17. Creative Rock - Lady Pig, from "Lady Pig", in 1974
A short-lived German brass-rock outfit who were based in Bielefeld. Evolving out of a soul/jazz/rock outfit called The Bourbon Street Paraders, they released two good albums for the prestigious Brain label. Inspired by the likes of Colosseum, Nucleus and Blood, Sweat & Tears, they were quite inventive and theyhad a very powerful singer in Rainer Erbel. The band split in the mid 70's.
18. Stomu Yamash'ta - Crossing The Line, from "Go Live From Paris", in 1976
A brilliant double live albumfrom this very talented Japanese multi-instrumentalist who's been featured elsewhere on The RockIt Scientist website. The album features contributions from Mike Shrieve (drums), Klaus Schulze (keyboards), Stevie Winwood (vocals) and Al Di Meola, who's blistering solo on this track, in particular, is one of his best.
19. Goddo - Under My Hat, from 'Best Seat In The House", in 1981
Goddo were formed in Canada by ex-Fludd bass guitarist, Greg Godovitz, together with drummer Doug Inglis and Gino Scarpelli, who's guitar work on this track can only be described as brilliant, one of the best solos you'll hear in a long time! The band were formed in the early-to-mid 70's and they released their self-titleddebut album in 1977. They reformed recently and released a great new album called ''Kings Of The Stoned Age". Not that easy to find their material, but they're certainly worth looking out for.
20.Sweathog - Hallelujah, from "Hallelujah", in 1971
A sadly overlooked US rock band who hadmuch to offer, but,otherthan making a cameo appearance on the 'Fill Your Head With Rock'' compilation brought out byColumbia Records in the early 70's, the band had nothing elseto show for themselves. The two albums they released, however, were out of the top drawer, but they sank into obscurity in the early 70's.
21. Glencoe - Born In The City, from ''The Spirit Of Glencoe", in 1973, their 2nd and last album.
Formed in London in 1971, Glencoe's initial members included two ex-members of Forevermore (Stewart Francis on drums and Mick Travis on guitar & vocals), Norman Watt-Roy on bass, from Greatest Show On Earth, and Graham Maitland on keyboards/vocals, from Hopscotch.Francis was later replaced by John Turnbull (ex-Bell and Arc and Skip Bifferty). Both of Glencoe's albums are highly recommended.
22. Tiger - Ticket Machine, from"Goin' Down Laughing", in 1976, their second anl last album.
Tiger was a competent UK blues/rock outfit put together by seasoned guitarists Big Jim Sullivan (ex-Green Bullfrog)and Les Walker (ex-Warm Dust), together with vocalist Nicky Moore (ex-Hackensack & Megaton), keyboard player Dave McCrae (ex-Nucleus), drummer Billy Rankin (ex-Brinsley Schwarz)and bass player Phil Curtis (ex-Crazy World Of Arthur Brown). Dave McCrae later featured with singer Joy Yates in Pacific Eardrum, and he was replaced by Alan Park, previously with Beggars Opera. Andy Brown joined on bass and this line up appeared on the featured album. Tiger split in 1977.
23. Flied Egg - I'm Gonna See My Baby Tonight, from "Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine", in 1972
No, it's not a spelling mistake - this Japanese blues/rock outfit were really known as Flied Egg (think of "Lock and Loll", or "House Of Lising Sun"). Weird name aside, this band were, next to Flower Traveling Band, one of Japan's best blues/rock outfits. My Japanese is almost as bad as my Outer Mongolian, so the liner notes on the CD sleeveare slightly difficult to grasp, making finding info on the band a tad problematic. They've released around three velly good albums.
24. Fuzzy Duck - Country Boy, from "Fuzzy Duck", in 1971
This short-livedUK outfit's album is a serious rarity, fetching quite a handsome price on the collectors market (only 500 copies were pressed). The band featured Paul Francison drums (ex-Tucky Buzzard), Garth Watt-Roy on guitar (ex-Greatest Show On Earth), Roy Sharland, ex-Arthur Brown and Spice, on organ, and ex-Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People bass player, Mick Hawksworth. It's basically an album of heavy progressive rock music and it's definitely worthwhile checking out.
25. Raw Material - Miracle Worker, from "Time Is Rare", in 1971
A serious vinyl rarity from the RCA Neon label. This UK progressive rock outfit were formed by members of the bands Steam and Welcome, neither of which had ever committed any recordings to vinyl. Their self-titled debut album, released on the Evolution label in 1970, had some very interesting and long tracks with involved and elaborate instrumental breaks. The featured album, whilst being more song orientated, also featured a number of really good progressive pieces based on heavy guitar, sax and keyboard riffs. When the band finally folded, some members went to Deep Feeling and others to Shoot. Both albums are available on CD and are worthwhile additions to the collection.
26. Paul Samson - Brand New Day, from "P.S", his latest (and final) album, released just recently.
Paul Samson, in my humble opinion, was one of the best guitarists of the NWOBHM scene. As is well known and documented elsewhere on The RockIt Scientist website, he formed his band Samson way back in the late 70's, together with some of the UK's finest musicians and vocalists. Samson (the band) released some really great albums, especially during the time that vocal duties were handled byNicky Moore. Paul Samson tragically died (on 9th August 2002)during the writing andrecording sessions for what was to be the new Samson album. Bassist John McCoy, who'd previously worked with Paul Samson in Scrapyard in the mid 70's, and who played bass on the album,was asked to complete the project. It was initially intended to be released as a new Samson album called "Brand New Day", but it was suggested instead that it would be a fitting tribute to release it as a Paul Samson CD.Featuring Nicky Moore on vocals, John McCoy on bass, Ian Ellis on bass & vocals (the sameguy who featured with Kim Simmonds in Savoy Brown?) and Billy Fleming on drums, it certainly is a fitting tribute to a truly great heavy rock/blues rock guitarist.
The album is available through Angel Air Records (www.angelair.co.uk), who have an amazing catalogue of rare recordings, re-releases and other collectibles. They're undoubtedly one of the best record labels in the UK.
27. Riot - Darker Side Of Light, from "Army Of One", brand new recording from this famous New York-based hard rock outfit.
Riot were featured just recently on an earlier RockIt Scientist show. The new album then arrived in the post and I just had to play a track from it. Guitarist Mark Reale is the only remaining original member (he formed the band, together with vocalist Guy Speranza, back in the mid 70's). This new album, which features new-ish members Mike Flyntz on guitars, Pete Perez on bass, Frank Gilchrist on drums and Mike DiMeo on vocals, is dedicated to the memory ofGuy Speranza, who died of cancerin November 2004. The band have released nearly 20 albums since 1977, and this is one of their strongest offerings to date.
28. Desperado - See You At Sunrise, from "Ace", originally recorded in 1989, but only recently released, on Angel Air Records.
This band could've been pretty big, had they lasted longer. Featuring vocalistDee Snider (Twisted Sister), solo guitarist Bernie Torme (who'd also worked with Mammoth/Gillan/Atomic Rooster), bassist Marc Russell and original Iron Maidendrummer Clive Burr, this was a supergroup in the making. The group wrote close to 100 songs for the album and were signed to Elektra Records, but they only managed one live gig, a secret show in Birmingham, England, where Kix, (who shared the same management), had played the night before and left their gear on stage for Desperado to use. The rise of Grunge in the late 80's/early 90's destroyed the label's interest, and they were dropped. The band dissolved as a result, with Snider and Russell continuing as Widowmaker. Bernie Tormeresumed his solo career and has recently teamed up with bassist John McCoy in GMT. Clive Burr has sadly been struck down with MS and is now unable to play.Fortunately, thanks to Angel Air Records, the album has finally been released.
29. First+Aid - Two Brothers, from "Nostradamus", in 1977
This little known album, put together by this little known English prog outfit, is a conceptual masterpiece, based on the life of Nostradamus
(or Nostril-damus, the chap who "nose" the future. But then you've heard that one already, haven't you?). The members were Allan Wormald on guitar & vocals, Keith Parkinson on keyboards, Norrie Tennant on bass and Dave Freeman on percussion. Astounding orchestral arrangements, musicianship and songwriting, together with an intriguing and fascinating interpretation of the mysterious prophet's forecasts, make this a very worthwhile addition to the collection of any lover of prog rock music. Whether or notyou can find it,however, isanother story.
30. Tucky Buzzard - Coming On Again Suite, from "Coming On Again", in 1972 (part of "Time Will Be Your Doctor",double compilation, released in 2005)
Do you know what it's like when you finally find something that you've been searching for, and that's been eluding you,for years and years? The third "mystery" album fromthis fantastic UK outfit was only released in Spain (the fact that it was recorded in Spain, with the Madrid Philharmonic Orchestra, could have something to do with that). Previously, Tucky Buzzard's main claim to fame was that they were managed and producedby the Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman, but after you hear the quality of their music, the Wyman link is reallyof minor interest. These guys were nothing short of brilliant. Evolving out of a mid-sixties outfit called The End, they released their (equally rare and nigh-impossible to find) debut album in 1971. Oddly enough, this album was only released in the US, where the band were starting to make serious waves. The follow-up album, "Warm Slash", released in 1971 in the US and in 1972 in the UK, had some of the finest boogie rock you're ever likely to hear, with vocalist Jimmie Henderson ingreat form. The band later signed to Deep Purple's Purple label and released two further albums, ''AlrightOn The Night" and "Buzzard", before splitting. These lattertworecordings have been freely available for some time now, butalbums one, two and three not so, which make thus double compilation of the first three albums a fantastic way of answering all those questions aboutTucky Buzzard that've beenlingering for so many years. And no, the Nicky Graham who featured in The End was NOT the same Nick Graham who featured with Atomic Rooster, Skin Alley and Alibi. So there!
The following bands/artists were featured on TheRockIt Scientist on Friday 29/09/2006. Write-upsto follow inthe next newsletter.
Janis Joplin (Tribute)
Cold Blood
Sandy Pantaleo (Sonny Rose)
Tower Of Power
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Dave Meniketti
Ken Hensley
Like Wendy
Scarlet Thread
Sebastian Hardie
Schenker/Pattison Summit
Sky High
Dave Greenslade
Rick Wakeman
Lucifer Was
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