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The Very Best Of The Doors


  1. "Break On Through"
  2. "Light My Fire"
  3. "Love Me Two Times"
  4. "Hello I Love You"
  5. "People Are Strange"
  6. "Strange Days"
  7. "Riders On The Storm"
  8. "L.A.Woman"
  9. "Touch Me"
  10. "Roadhouse Blues"
  11. "Peace Frog"
  12. "Love Street"
  13. "Crystal Ship"
  14. "Soul Kitchen"
  15. "Love Her Madly"
  16. "Back Door Man"
  17. "Alabama Song"
  18. "Moonlight Drive"
  19. "The Unknown Soldier"
  20. "The End" Ц Edit

The Doors


  1. "Break On Through (To The Other Side)"
  2. "Soul Kitchen"
  3. "The Crystal Ship"
  4. "Twentieth Century Fox"
  5. "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)"
  6. "Light My Fire"
  7. "Back Door Man"
  8. "I Looked At You"
  9. "End Of The Night"
  10. "Take It As It Comes"
  11. "The End"
  12. "Moonlight Drive" (Version 1)*
  13. "Moonlight Drive" (Version 2)*
  14. "Indian Summer" (8/19/66 Vocal)*

Strange Days


  1. "Strange Days"
  2. "You're Lost Little Girl"
  3. "Love Me Two Times"
  4. "Unhappy Girl"
  5. "Horse Latitudes"
  6. "Moonlight Drive"
  7. "People Are Strange"
  8. "My Eyes Have Seen You"
  9. "I Can't See Your Face In My Mind"
  10. "When The Music's Over"
  11. "People Are Strange" (False Starts & Dialogue)*
  12. "Love Me Two Times" (Take 3)*

Waiting For The Sun


  1. "Hello, I Love You"
  2. "Love Street"
  3. "Not To Touch The Earth"
  4. "Summer's Almost Gone"
  5. "Wintertime Love"
  6. "The Unknown Soldier"
  7. "Spanish Caravan"
  8. "My Wild Love"
  9. "We Could BE So Good Together"
  10. "Yes, The River Knows"
  11. "Five To One"
  12. "Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor"*
  13. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Dialogue)*
  14. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Take 1) *
  15. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Take 2)*
  16. "Celebration Of The Lizard" (An Experiment/Work In Progress)*

The Soft Parade


  1. "Tell All The People"
  2. "Touch Me"
  3. "Shaman's Blues"
  4. "Do It"
  5. "Easy Ride"
  6. "Wild Child"
  7. "Runnin' Blue"
  8. "Wishful Sinful"
  9. "The Soft Parade"
  10. "Who Scared You"*
  11. "Whiskey, Mystics And Men" (Version 1)*
  12. "Whiskey, Mystics And Men" (Version 2)*
  13. "Push Push"*
  14. "Touch Me" (Dialogue)*
  15. "Touch Me" (Take 3)*

Morrison Hotel


  1. "Roadhouse Blues"
  2. "Waiting For The Sun"
  3. "You Make Me Real"
  4. "Peace Frog"
  5. "Blue Sunday"
  6. "Ship Of Fools"
  7. "Land Ho!"
  8. "The Spy"
  9. "Queen Of The Highway"
  10. "Indian Summer"
  11. "Maggie M'Gill"
  12. "Talking Blues"*
  13. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/4/69, Takes 1-3)*
  14. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/4/69, Take 6)*
  15. "Carol" (11/4/69)*
  16. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/5/69, Take 1)*
  17. "Money Beats Soul" (11/5/69)*
  18. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/5/69, Takes 13-15)*
  19. "Peace Frog" (False Starts & Dialogue)*
  20. "The Spy" (Version 2)*
  21. "Queen Of The Highway" (Jazz Version)*

LA Woman


  1. "The Changeling"
  2. "Love Her Madly"
  3. "Been Down So Long"
  4. "Cars Hiss By My Window"
  5. "L.A. Woman"
  6. "L'America"
  7. "Hyacinth House"
  8. "Crawling King Snake"
  9. "The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)"
  10. "Riders On The Storm"
  11. "Orange County Suite"*
  12. "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further"*

* bonus tracks

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In under 100 words tell Rock of Ages why you think The Doors have remained such an influential band over the past 40 years.

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