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PLAYLIST 3rd February 2005




I'm a believer


Last of the runaways

Ain't coming home


Show and tell

Last chance


Get born

Looking for love

Kings X

Best of Kings X

Real turned on

Uriah Heep

Very 'eavy, very 'umble

Better by you, better by me

Spooky Tooth

Best of Spooky Tooth

The Kettle


The Valentyne Suite

Love in the rain

Edgar Broughton Band

Out demons out

Highway Jones

Cry of Love


Power of the blues

Gary Moore

Power of the blues


Welcome to the jungle

Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits

Sweet child 'o mine

Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits

You could be mine

Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits

Paradise City

Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits


Guns 'N Roses

Use your illusion 2


Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits

November Rain

Guns 'N Roses

Greatest Hits


Mississippi Queen


Over the top

All along the watchtower

Jimi Hendrix

Electric Ladyland



The Cream of Clapton

The last time

The Rolling Stones

40 licks

Who do you love?

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Sons of Mercury

Till the end of the day

The Kinks

Ultimate Collection

Four day creep

Humble Pie

Rockin' the Fillmore

Kick out the jams

MC 5

The Big Bang

Dirty love

Frank Zappa

Strictly Commercial

Booglarize you baby

Captain Beefheart

The Spotlight Kid

Hallowed be thy name

Alice Cooper

Love it to death

Something so strong

Jim Capaldi

Some come running

Calling card

Rory Gallagher

BBC Sessions

Memory pain

Johnny Winter

Second winter


Red Hot Chili Peppers

One hot minute

Ride on

Little Axe

The house that Wolf built

If you needed somebody

Bad Company

Holy Water

Summer is gone

Beth Hart Band


Window Grin

Kelly Joe Phelps

Slingshot Professionals

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