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How are the playlists compiled?
I constantly get asked where I source the music played on Rock of Ages and also how I put the show together. Well in the first instance most everything played comes from my personal collection which is constantly being added to all the time. In addition to this the record labels send me albums, I pick up some surprising stuff at street sales and of course CDW's Richard Filmer mails me every week with suggestions and rarities which I pop in and listen/buy. For instance he turned me on to Jake E Lee's new album as well as new albums by Tony Iommi, Glenn Hughes etc. I also scan the key rock magazines like Mojo, Classic Rock and Uncut. Plus I do shop at Amazon/Freak Emporium/CD Now and a host of small indie labels that specialise in rare classic rock albums. The point being that in order to bring you the widest variety of rock I am on a continual search for music to play ... How do I put the show together? .... how do I decide to play a particular record? Why is there a lot of Led Zep, Jimi, Tull, Sabbath, Free, Purple, etc? .... here's the inside track ...... Firstly there is no 'playlist' as such on Rock of Ages, I have 110% free choice and play exactly what I like with no 'interference' from third parties - the only opinion that I take into account is yours, the Rock of Ages fans who make suggestions to me on a regular basis.

I start work on each week's show on Sunday night as well as Tuesday/Wednesday after my day job ( - spending several hours each night listening to albums, checking tracks and artists with the ROA database to see when last they were played and packaging tracks/genres into 'blocks' i.e. the recent Latin Rock, Brass Rock, 60's Rock, etc. Plus of course there are the regular sections like Blues, Comedy, Prog, Live in Concert and Long Songs that need planning .... at any one time I have a base of about 120-150 albums with me in the studio to choose from. So there is some method to my madness and musical schizophrenia but the funny thing is that although the opening music/stings and the closing 'laid back' set are almost set in stone the rest of the show flows by itself! It's almost like something takes over when the red light comes on and I often discard tracks and artists that I was going to play in order to spin something else that fits in with what I'm playing at that time ... that's the beauty of Rock of Ages - It's unpredictable, even to me! As for playing a lot of the artists that I mentioned earlier - well they are all 'core' bands that have large bodies of work to source and are constantly requested by the Rock of Ages fans. The show tries to cover a huge rainbow of rock, all styles, genres and ages - hopefully that's why you listen in the first place.

Benjy, October 2005
5th January 2006 None
12th January 2006 None
19th January 2006 Golden Earring
26th January 2006 No Broadcast
2nd February 2006 Yes
9th February 2006 Roy Buchanan
16th February 2006 Foreigner
23rd February 2006 Iron Butterfly
2nd March 2006 Genesis
9th March 2006 Falling Mirror
16th March 2006 Beggars Opera
23rd March 2006 Budgie
30th March 2006 Rush
6th April 2006 Lynyrd Skynyrd
13th April 2006 Warhorse
20th April 2006 Rainbow
27th April 2006 Steely Dan
4th May 2006 Focus
11th May 2006 Freedoms Children
18th May 2006 Tommy Bolin
25th May 2006 Red Hot Chili Peppers
1st June 2006 Gravy Train
8th June 2006 Eric Gales
15th June 2006 No Broadcast due to Soccer World Cup
22nd June 2006 No Broadcast due to Soccer World Cup
29th June 2006 Joe Walsh
6th July 2006 Atomic Rooster
13th July 2006 Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd, part 2
20th July 2006 No Broadcast due to Sports coverage
27th July 2006 Boston
3rd August 2006 Spooky Tooth
10th August 2006 Otis Waygood
17th August 2006 The Blue Öyster Cult
24th August 2006 Patto
31st August 2006 King Crimson
7th September 2006 Steve Miller
14th September 2006 Grateful Dead
21st September 2006 Babe Ruth
28th September 2006 Gov't Mule
5th October 2006 Chicken Shack
12th October 2006 Live In Concert
19th October 2006 Glenn Hughes
26th October 2006 Kiss
2nd November 2006 John Mayall
9th November 2006 Live In Concert, part 2
16th November 2006 Blodwyn Pig
23rd November 2006 Family
30th November 2006 Scorpions
7th December 2006 Eric Clapton
14th December 2006 Jefferson Airplane
21st December 2006 The Best Of 2006
28th December 2006 The Canterbury Scene
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