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1. Humanarium - Bed on Bricks

Another difficult choice for 'Song Of The Year' for 2003, with so many worthy contenders from across the many SA genres! The year saw '90's SA folk-rockers, Bright Blue, returning with the slow-building 'Madiba 1990', an effervescent musical tribute to Nelson Mandela on his 85th Birthday in the year of his '46664' campaign. Johannesburg rock bands stepped up with some great new songs - there was the excellent 'Sobriety Friend' from Old Mol, 'Summer Sun' and 'All The World' from the consistent Zen Arcade, and a return to melodic power punk demonstrated best by The Fallen's 'Cosmo Girl' and Morning Haze's 'Jaded Mind'.

The Cape Town rock bands responded with top rock tunes from Velve ('Fallen'), Lazarus ('Make It Your System'), Soulja ('Plan My Attack'), and the fantastic 'Things 2 Consider' from punk trio Skwirmish. But the best song of the year came from Bed On Bricks, a new Cape Town group with the coolest name heard all year. 'Humanarium' combined a slinky slice of Cape jazz funk with the strangest lyric heard all year to produce a uniquely South African musical experience, all within a few surreal minutes. It's all about a man carrying around a goldfish in a plastic bag in Cape Town and getting a ride with a Nigerian taxi driver while shopping for some wire ornaments, all seen from the perspective of the goldfish who is in a sort of human aquarium situation.... I think.... ??

Whatever, 'Humanarium' is a brilliant and imaginative slice of contemporary South African music that you can ponder, laugh at, and dance to all at the same time and is unanimously awarded our 'Song Of The Year 2003' title. "Tell me what your specials are today, I'm feeling special!" sing Bed On Bricks. And so you all should!

2. Madiba 1990 - Bright Blue
3. Sobriety Friend - Old Mol
4. Things 2 Consider -Skwirmish
5. Make It Your System - Lazarus
6. Cosmo Girl - The Fallen
7. Fallen - Velve
8. Summer Sun - Zen Arcade
9. Jaded Mind - Morning Haze
10. Plan My Attack - Soulja
11. Sheriff Bush & Deputy Blair - Nukular Stompers
12. James Brown (I Ain't) - Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop
13. Dinosaur - Forest Moon
14. Above My Room - Jo Day
15. Die Mamba - Piet Botha
16. Awakening - HappyFourTwenty
17. Troublesome - Delta Blue
18. Psycoparalysis - Dayspring
19. Shine - James Stewart
20. Hilary - Mitsoo
21. The Banded - The Narrow
22. Get Some - Soil7t7
23. Beach Girl - Natalia
24. LekkerByDieSee - Diff-Olie
25. Fishes Of Men - Metalmorphosis
26. Hands Down - Track 4
27. Vreemdeling - Dertien
28. Castles (Remix) - freshlyground
29. Stoute Boude - Anton Goosen & Beeskraal
30. Mowgli - Zero Tolerance
31. Time To Change - Grant Nuss
32. Geek - Jakkie Louw
33. War - 12th Avenue
34. Million Miles - Space Committee
35. Rise - Sonar
36. All The World - Zen Arcade
37. My Favourite Song On The Radio - What Now?!
38. Rock And Roll Man - Bedrock
39. Wish You Were Here - Liela
40. Ek En Jy In Die Kaap - Lize Beekman
41. Jy Is Opium - Valiant Swart
42. Paralyser - Ghettomuffin
43. Bleed - Loogaroo
44. Meisie Van Die Ooste - Alta Joubert
45. Anything - Mike De Jager & Adrian Clark
46. Firelight - Brian Finch
47. The Meaning Of Goodbye - James Stewart
48. Fokofpolisiekar - Fokofpolisiekar
49. Kuslangs - Myburgh
50. Ugly - Springcan

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