SA Rock Hall of Fame - image created by Peter Hanmer based on an idea by John Samson
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The SA Rock Hall of Fame was launched on 1 January 2002 with the express purpose of honouring those individuals who have made a significant contribution to rock music in South Africa. Inductees are currently selected by the editorial staff of the SA Rock Digest, but it is hoped to extend the selection committee to include prominent members of the South African Music industry.

The major consideration for inducting an individual is the contribution they have made to furthering South African Rock music. Simply being successful, or gaining some international recognition is not in itself sufficient, but will obviously count heavily in the individual's favour. For example, someone like Robert "Mutt" Lange who has had huge success as a producer of some of the world's greatest acts may not necessarily qualify as the work he has done has not contributed to the betterment of South African music.

Obviously the time period over which the person is active also plays a role in deciding whether they should be inducted or not. In years to come someone like Karen Zoid may find herself listed amongst the names that appear here, but it is still early days to tell what impact this exciting new talent will have on Female Afrikaans Rockers.

The Hall of Fame is not limited to musicians, as producers, DJ's, journalists, record label bosses and session musicians have also played their part. There are also non South Africans who have contributed to South African Rock and a special category has been set up for these individuals.

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