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The Dublin Castle, 21 April 2002

Blind are not a band who wear their influences on their sleeve, they're emblazoned on front of the lead growler, Warren Britz' T-Shirt which bears the legend "Alice in the Temple of Pearl Garden." If you can't work out from that what kind of music Blind play then you're in the wrong review and I suggest you wander on over to Issue Number 82 of the SA Rock Digest for Kurt Shoemaker's exposition on the virtues of 'The Very Best of Four Jacks & a Jill Volume 1'.

Those who are still with us will realise that the Blind gig I attended at the Dublin Castle involved a lot of loud guitars, a screaming vocal performance and a lot of long hair being flung about, both on stage and in the audience. Suffering from a receeding hairline, I did feel a little left out, but still enjoyed the solid blast of sound coming from the small stage. It's the kind of gig that clears out some of the cobwebs and reminds one that one is alive.

For a band that are regarded as a side line these days with guitarist Dave Friedlander concentrating on on his other band Sting Theory, and bassist Dave Mullen living in Belfast, they sound remarkable tight and leave the audience sated but still craving more. A lovely loud night out which left me wondering if the word 'Tool' on Dave's T-Shirt refered to further influences (one hopes so) and did they tie their shoes with a Slipknot?

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