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Sunways @ The Half Moon, 30 April 2004

There's an old joke about van der Merwe wanting to build a rocket to travel to the sun. 'Won't you get burnt?' his mate asks. 'No' is the reply, 'I'll go at night'. So I figure of it's good enough for Van it's good enough for me so I headed out to see the sun at the moon at night. Although I didn't get burnt it still got hot.

It was rather like a summer's day as it started off quite mellow with Robbie Boake seemingly forgetting where the mike was as he sang to the crowd from the middle of the stage when his mike was on one side. The interesting thing about this was that it did seem to catch the audience's attention.

Once he had found the mike, Robbie settled into a great set and we were soon enjoying the midday heat. Sunways seem to occupy sparsely inhabited area of rock between full on heavy grunge and arty atmospheric rock as they were certainly capable of rocking with aplomb, but there was something more to it as they managed to conjure up emotions other than anger in one. There was a good mixture of serious and fun as they worked their way through their 45 min set. One could sense that the band were enjoying themselves and at times Robbie seemed to resemble Jack White from the White Stripes.

As the gig drew to a close, the band built to a crescendo and then slowed to a dusk-like quiet finish. It was a really impressive gig that was never completely mad, but never quite sedate, thus keeping the interest level high. One might say that a gig by Sunways at the Halfmoon would be difficult to eclipse.

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