(Cover illustration: Matthew Weir)

Track Title Composer
1 Hallelujah Chorus G.F. Handell
2 Oh Danny Boy Traditional
3 Piggies George Harrison
4 The School Bully Graham Weir
5 Ode To The Moon Graham Weir
6 Woody & Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking Rickie Lee Jones & David Kalish
7 Canon In D Johann Pachebell
8 Cottonfields/Cotton-Eyed Joe Leadbelly/Traditional
9 Blackbird Lennon & McCartney
10 Down Under (with apologies from NTMM) Colin Hay & Ron Strykert
11 Nature Boy Eden Ahbez
12 Aglin's SOn Graham Weir
13 Aglin's Tale Graham Weir

Sleeve note:

This is the sixth album by Not The Midnight Mass. The First two albums were released on cassette and copies that have survived are now collector's (sic) items. Even the People who saw those first midnight performances by the original line up of Christine Weir, Natalie Gamsu, Alan Glass and Graham Weir, have become collector's (sic) items. Much has changed since that autumn of 1988 when NTMM stepped onto the stage of the old Black Sun Theatre in Johannesburg, and into the hearts of South African theatre audiences. Back in those dark days a capella groups were rare. In fact many people thought that a capella was a city in South America. Not The Midnight Mass changed all that.

A whole new generation of theatre goers has been introduced to NTMM's unique brew of satire and harmonies. Indeed, for many folk, going to see a new Mass season has become as much a South African institution as service delivery protests, or a visit to the UIF.

Yours in theatre

Andrew Androupolides
(Secretary of the Not Midnight Masss Fan Club, Germiston Branch)

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