April 2003

Just a short one this month as I have developed writers cramp - ouch! There it goes again.

Two bits of news and here they are:

Alan Glass does the Mass

Alan , who along with Graham Weir ,Christine Weir and Natalie Gamsu started NTMM back in 1988, is currently singing with the group on their visit to various centers around the country as part of the Momentum Insurance (inhouse) Roadshow.Performances in Jozi, Durban and Pretoria last week will be followed to visits to Cape Town ,Stellenbosch, Bloemfontien, P.E and Nelspruit later month.

Alan, who's melodious tones still send shivers of delight down the spines of all who hear him, admits that married life has been good for him and probably accounts for the new hair on his chest. Yes indeed, his bush is now every bit as impressive as Jody Wayne's was at the height of his career.

NTMM at On Broadway

Not The Midnight Mass-Q-Lyn,a male version of the Mass will perform at ON Broadway in Greenpoint during August and September.The all male line-up proved popular during the recent Shakespeare at Mynardville .Watch this space for details.

Ouch, Cramp! Must run!


Andrew Andropoulides

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