December 2002

Dear Friends,Greeks and country men,

Greetings from me Andrew Andropoulides,just back from my visit to Cyprus in time to give you the latest NTMM news.Here we go;


Yes, at last a chance to catch the Mass bunch at this annual Shakespeare outing!

Picnic under the stars and watch Marthinus Basson's production of Two Gentlemen of Verona starring (amonst others ) the NTMM ensemble. This will be the first time that the group will perform as an all- male group as Christine is still in Sun City and Tina is nursing her new born boy.

Watch this newsletter and the press for further news about this January \ February event. In the meantime , why not catch the members of the Mass in these up-coming and current events:


Graham Weir has written original lyrics and music for this Chris Weare adaptation of the Edgar Alan Poe story.Additional music has been penned by Derek Olivier.Sven Golden handles musical arrangements and Chris Weare directs the cast - Graham Weir , Keren Tahor and Warrick Grier and musicians- Simon Ratcliffe and Sven Goldin

In this gothic horror story about the defunct band ''The House of Usher'' we follow the decline and apparant death of Usher's sister Madeline,her burial and her ressurection with all the consequent madness, passion , betrayal ,love,incest, and live music imagineable in 75 minutes. The House of Usher is a must for theatre lovers.There will be only 8 performances of the show in South Africa before it's planned run in the Czech Republic so dont miss out!!

Performance dates 11th Dec- 14 Dec and 18th Dec to 21st Dec at 8.30pm.

To book phone Susan Cole @ 021 480 7129 during office hours.


No this is no my personal confession though I must admit I've often worn a padded bra, tight mini and stillettos and have fantasised about being a trans-sexual since my early teens No," I'm every woman" is the title of Amanda Tiffin's new cabaret where she takes on every diva from Shirley Bassey to Madonna with loads of ompff and sexual sultary swinging singing. Amanda is backed by a well oiled and funky band. Amanda who works as musical director for the mass is directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer (The Mass stage director). So you could say I'm every woman is a Mass affair of sorts. Go see her strut her stuff.

.....and if you are heading for Sun City catch Christine Weir in ODDESSY which is running indefinately at the Sun City theatre

Many thanks for your time, must run as the dog has just swallowed the hose pipe and is making strange gurgling sounds.


Andrew Andropoulides (for NTMM)

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