July 2003

Graham Weir , Andrew Andropoulides and Director Megan Choritz discuss what to do about Megan's bleeding nose


Graham Weir, Mzwakhe Kheswa, Donal Slemon and Herman Hardick are Not The Midnight Mass- Q-Lyn, the all-male version of Not The Midnight Mass performing, at On Broadway during August , September and October.

Although NTMMQL will perform three Graham Weir original numbers the production team have decided to do a show that features cover songs, the first time the group have performed covers scince the mid-nineties, so on the bill you will find tunes by Juluka, Themba Mkihize, Johannes Kerkorrel, Men At Work, The Beatles , Creedence Clearwater Revival, Prince,Grace Jones and many more!!

Megan Choritz, (Theatre Sports big cheese) will direct and Amanda Tiffin will arrange and musically direct. This is the first time the group will work with an arranger and Amanda who musically directed the singers on NTMM- Live at the Planetarium, has promised some kinky, wild and harmonically pleasing stuff .Costuming and styling will be in the hands of stylish Craig Leo who recently returned from trapeezing and scarf acting his way across Europe ,Craig recently styled the performers in ''Graham Weir Plugged".

Sound will be engineered by Simon Ratcliffe, who was recently seen playing a multitude of instruments in ''Graham Weir Plugged"

Highlight of the Not The Midnight Mass -Q -lyn season will be guest appearances on certain nights by the Mass girls- Tina Schouw, Christine Weir and Amanda Tiffin.Watch the Press for details!!!!


Catch NTMM star Christine Weir on Egoli this Wed 9th July. Christine who is currently appearing in Oddessy at Sun City, managed to take some time off to get through to JHB and film with the Egoli mob. She will be appearing on a few episodes but Wed is definately the one to catch as you'll hear her sing Charl-Johan Lingenvelder's beautiful song-"Diamond" which she initially performed in Charls show "Almost The Sound of Music''

Regards to one and all from me

Andrew Andropoulides

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