March 2002

NTMM newsletter 3

ITS A BOY!!!!!

On Friday night, Tina, heavily pregnant and not due till the 15th April, suddenly hit a top E and sustained the note for about a minute, then inhaled , and started again. Husband Michael realised this was no voice warm- up when, three minutes later, blue in the face,Tina was still holding the note. And so it is that a baby boy was delivered who plays a wonderful military tattoo on mama's breasts while suckling, and hums "What a wonderful world" in his sleep. Dear Tina ,from all in the Mass we say well done!!Hip Hip Hooray!! May ''The Guardian And the keeper of the Flame" be with the three of you...

While Tina is having her maternity leave her place will be filled by Amanda Tiffin who recently joined the group as musical director, NTMM also welcome on board baritone Mzwakhe Kheswa


Yes indeed , a happy occasion for this month - March , marks the 14th birthday of NTMM.It was on 20th March 1988 that NTMM burst onto the SA entertainment scene at the Black Sun Theatre in Berea ,JHB. For those of you who were alive that long ago you will know that the old ''Black Sun'' run by semi- con- artist and everyones greatest friend, (my fellow Grecian- George Milaris),was the nearest thing we had to freedom of speech in the dark days of aparthied .He provided a platform for any artist, allowed them thier say ,and often took the flak from the security police.Out of that dark corner of Berea many of todays stars emerged- Jennifer Ferguson, Johannes Kerkorrel, Nataniel ,Soli Philander etc etc and of course - NOT THE MIDNIGHT MASS!!! Starting off as a four piece starring Graham Weir, Christine Weir, Natalie Gamsu and Alan Glass they immidiately took Joburg by storm, lighting up those troubled times with their humour and harmony. So whats changed?? Not much,- the line up- yes, constanly over the years but!!- the old mass magic remains, which leads me to my next point,- the launch of the new CD!!!!:


For those of you who missed the live recordings on the 10th February you'll be happy to know that you can catch the group singing a few of the numbers from the CD at the official CD Launch at the CD WHEREHOUSE, Dock RD, V+A Waterfront, Cape Town on Friday 12th April.Starting a 6.30, snacks will be served, a cashbar will be open, and the good news is that there is no cover charge, so come along and be part of the fun.


After many hiccups and delays we are happy to announce that the CDs will reach Cape Town by the 29th of March. You can collect them by organising a time with me Andrew Andropoulides at the NTMM office in Long St Cape Town, tel 021 423 1857. For those of you who don't get a chance to collect them before the launch, you will be able to get them there but, do remember to bring your LIVE AT THE PLANETARIUM ticket stub!! The CD will be on sale at the CDWherehouse from the 12th April onwards.


Graham Weir brings his haunting and evocative 'sangspiel' to the Baxter Theatre centre for a limited three week run.Written by Graham , the play includes eight of his most beautiful songs as well as a highly poetic narrative.Directed by Bo Petersen ,the musical accompaniment is supplied by Sven Golden on keyboards and Simon Radcliffe on double bass.DO NOT MISS!!,-more news about this one next month. Well, thats all for now folks, and as I've said before, if you notice spelling mistakes or grammatical errors- remember this, I was born on the tiny Greek Island of Spiridinos, brought up in a Greek speaking household and have a Greek Computer called Spiros.Were I to write this newsletter in Greek it would all be Greek to you but perfectly spelt and grammatically correct to a Greek reader.

Much love to you all

Andrew Andropoulides

ps. if you open the attachment you will see the fun the group had recording the CD

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