1. Planet
  2. Call It
  3. De Funk
  4. Mary & Jane
  5. Boys In The Locker Room
  6. Soul Food
  7. Get Some
  8. Funk
  9. Groove
  10. Life Itself
  11. Modest
  12. Doodle
  13. Free
  14. T7

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It was never about the chicks and free money gathers no moss. It's all about Rock & Roll with the necessary influence of rap, ska, reggae and funk artists to keep the party rollicking.

Bertus: drums - click for bigger picture   Franco: guitar - click for bigger picture   Jay: bass - click for bigger picture

Soil 7t7 has been together from April 2000 and has ever since taken audiences aback with their unique sound. They are a fresh sounding trinity of good-looking lesbians (they like women very much) from the best city in SA (without a beach), Pretoria. Their long awaited independent, debut album was launched on the 8th of March this year and people everywhere are raving about it

Soil 7t7 consists of Franco Jamneck, harassing the guitar and doing the stand up comedy and rap, Jay Bolton walking the bass through party-avenue and is guilty of the exploitation of vocalism, and Bets.V.Z, resisting the decay of time and the slowing down of the human body through percussive demonstration.

This band featured at The Rock Concert 3 and 4 and left a lasting impression on the crowd. Beeld had this to say: "Wonderboom launched their CD, Tell someone who cares, at the occasion, while especially Tweak and Soil 7t7 showed how the voices of a younger rock generation can get a audience screaming hysterically." (Plus (Beeld) Wed. 26 March 2003).

You will definitely find all the traces of rock and heavy music throughout their show but equal amounts of funk, rap, reggae and ska as well as heaps and heaps of energy.

Soil 7t7 has had a short but very full career, having all their fun independently. They have played all over South Africa and have performed at some major festivals including Oppikoppi and Woodstock.

The single "Get Some" has been released on 'Wicked Rock - Let us be heard' in December 2002 as well as SL Magazine's Selection CD #11 April 2003. It will also be used in a video production called Liquid Paradise. Another song called "Modest" was also released on a compilation album called "Wicked Bootlegs" (March 2003) which includes USA band Seven13.

Soil 7t7 will be a releasing their new single "Woman" on September 15, 2003.

The Big Gigs

Oppikoppi August 2003 - photo by Mark Ashwell - click for bigger picture
  • Oppikoppi: Patrolliehond Festival (Northam - 2001)
  • Oppikoppi: Tuned Festival (Fountains Pretoria, 2001).
  • Blue Moon (Nelspruit) with Wonderboom (Feb. 2002) & Karin Zoid (June 2002) and Tweak's CD launch (March 2003).
  • Nile Crocodile (Pretoria) with Seether (Saron Gas), Max Normal, Squeal, Brasse vannie Kaap, Plum, Cutting Jade, Marlowe etc etc. (2000 2003).
  • Tuks Jool/Rag 2002: Perez, Watershed, Cutting Jade etc.
  • Jack Daniels Fest 2002 (Springs): Wonderboom, Not my Dog, Tweak.
  • Woodstock 4, 2002. (Heidelberg)
  • The Rock Concert 3 (Carnival City Brakpan, 21 March 2003) by 5 FM and Authentic Ideas: Wonderboom, Tweak, Cutting Jade, Toxic Shame, Jo Day, The Finkelstiens, Skwatta Kamp, One80, Caytie Marvelis
  • Oppikoppi: If not tomorrow then the next day easter fest 18 21 April 2003 at Northam.
  • House band at the world renowned Sun City 6 11 May, 2003
  • The Rock Concert 4 (Carnival City Brakpan, 14 June 2003) hosted by 5FM and Authentic Ideas: Wonderboom, The Narrow, Cutting Jade, El Camino, SMS #3, Tweak, The Finkelstiens, Jo Day, Zen Arcade, Prime Circle, Grounded.
  • Oppikoppi Main Stage Hond uit 'n Box festival 9 Aug, 2003.
  • Kalahari Summer Festival 6 September, 2003 (Gaberone, Botswana): Johnny Clegg, Watershed, Massive and Swazi Head
  • We are included in the line up for Woodstock 5, 27 September, 2003

Bookings and Management:

Contact: Bertus van Zyl
Soil 7t7
Tel/Fax: +27 12 804 2972
Cell: +27 82 460 4160

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