Jody Preshous (guitar and vocals)
Graham Fitzsimmons (bass)
Roger Erian (drums)
Dave Chislett (manager)
Anthony France (roadie)

Keeping tabs on the 'Scabs' - a Lager Mentality production

Sugar: Who or what is Scabby Annie?
Band: It's actually from a card game that's also called Scabby Queen -- similar to Hearts or Black Bitch, as it's also called.

Sugar: Give me a brief history, please.
Band: We're from Benoni and we've been going for two years now. The band was started by Jody and our ex-drummer, who had to choose between the band and a woman. We convinced Graham to buy a bass and then Roger joined as our new drummer. We played a few gigs at the Old Post Office on the East Rand, Gates in Randburg and around the Jo'burg area. We mostly played original material except for a jacked-up version of 'Stand By Me'. We also played some Nirvana covers but we'd change the lyrics. We wrote a punk song and then just carried on from there. We've been called a punk band and have even been compared to The Ramones, but we've never heard them. We were mostly influenced by Nirvana and the grunge era.

Sugar: How soon after you began playing did you release your first material?
Band: We actually released a three-track demo before we started gigging. It was recorded at B-Sharp Studios. Dave used to host the SA Music Explosion with Barney Simon on 5FM and he came to see us play at Gates. We'd been going for about six months then and had done about three gigs. Dave was also running a booking agency and within six weeks after he started managing us we'd doubled that. Then Barney snapped up on the demo. It was also played on Alex Jay's show. We then released a six-track demo called 'Juice' which was followed by an eight-track EP demo called 'Melodic Noise with a Twist of Lemon'. And then on August 2 we released our first album, 'Petroleum', which contains 10 tracks.

Sugar: Who is the album released through?
Band: It's released through Marbil Entertainment, who have also released a heavy metal compilation called 'Thirteen' as well as albums by Avatar and Groinchurn.

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