John Ireland

South African Multi-instrumentalist



  • You're Living Inside My Head/
    Nicole (1978) Teal This single reached #8 on the Springbok charts in December 1978. 'Living Inside My Head' is a wonderful adaption of the Greensleeves melody, supposedly composed by Henry VIII (he of the 6 wives).
  • Revelation (1980) Teal
  • At Last I Have Found You (1981) Teal
  • I Like... (1982) Transistor reached #2 on the Springbok charts in August 1982 and spent 15 weeks in the Top 20.
  • The Apple Song (1986)


  • Thinking Aloud (1978) Teal, JIC9999
  • Revelation (1980) Teal
  • John Ireland (1982) Transistor, CBK(L) 7006
  • She Speaks To Me (1983) Transistor, CBK(L) 7013
  • Just Desserts (1986) RPM, RPM 1224

'I Like...' can be found on CD on:

Best Of South African Pop 3
Best Of South African Pop 3

SA Party
SA Party


He was born John Griffith on the 24th August 1954 in Ireland (some sources say Boksburg). He attended Boksburg High School in the mid-70s. In 1977 he and Jonathan Handley formed the band Slither and were based in Springs. He studied medicine with Jonathan at Wits University and they both became doctors. Slither later became The Radio Rats. John has musical training in classical piano to an advanced level and also plays guitar and drums.

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