John Ireland
She Speaks To Me

She Speaks To Me


  1. She Speaks To Me (4.40)
  2. Loving You Is So Easy (3.45)
  3. Teenage Love (3.31)
  4. Neutron (3.45)
  5. The Office Party (3.54)
  6. Here We Go Again (2.45)
  7. First Thing In The Morning (3.10)
  8. Baby Things Have Changed (2.48)
  9. Mist (3.10)

All songs composed, arranged, produced and performed by John Ireland


  • John Ireland: All voices and instruments
  • Gerald Stockton: Bass
  • Ann-Louise Hanson: Female voice on "She Speaks To Me"

Release information:

1983, Transistor Records, CBK(L) 7013 (Cassette L4 CBK(N) 7013)


All info supplied by Brian Currin, March 2001

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