Otis Waygood
Ten Light Claps And A Scream

album cover


  1. A Madman's Cry (Otis Waygood)
  2. Straight Ahead (Harry Poulos)
  3. I Left My Skull In San Francisco (Otis Waygood)
  4. Easy Way (Otis Waygood)
  5. The Higher I Go (Rob Zipper)
  6. S.H.a.K. (Otis Waygood)
  7. Devil Bones (Otis Waygood/Harry Poulos)
  8. You Can Do (part 1) (Otis Waygood)
  9. You Can Do (part 2) (Otis Waygood)


  • Rob Zipper: Vocals, guitars, saxophones
  • Ivor Rubenstein: Vocals, percussion
  • Leigh Sagar: Guitars, organ, Hawaiian guitar
  • Benny Miller: Guitars
  • Alan Zipper: Bass

    Produced by Julian Laxton under direction of Clive Calder.
    Engineered by Leo Lagerway

Release information:

LP: 1971, EMI Parlophone, PCSJ 12077
CD: Unofficially released in Japan on CD (in a miniature LP-style sleeve) on the Never Never Land label circa 1998. Catalogue number: 758036 003 SA#200
CD: All tracks are available on CD as bonus tracks on the first 2 Fresh Music

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  • All info and cover scan supplied by Nigel Walsh.

  • Martin Jackson is listed as "absent" on back cover.

  • 'S.H.a.K.' is also listed as 'S.H.a.K. (Sam's Song)'.

  • Tracks 1 to 6 are available as bonus tracks on the June 2003 CD re-issue of Simply Otis Waygood.

  • Tracks 7 to 9 are available as bonus tracks on the January 2001 CD re-issue of the Otis Waygood Blues Band album.


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