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Otis Waygood Band
A review of the three known European 45's from 1977
by Bas Möllenkramer, Soest, the Netherlands

Bulawayo Boys The Band may have worked in Salisbury a lot, but they were from Bulawayo - They all went to Milton School, where one of the early bands formed by the Zipper Bros were known as "The Merseys". The Zipper family owned one of the town's high class clothing shops which was also known as Zippers.

Salisbury produced bands like Holy Black, etc but the Otis Waygood Band were Bulawayo's own.
-- Keith Downs, November 2001
UPLIFTING MUSIC Oddly enough, after I listened to Otis Waygood [the recent CD re-issue from RetroFresh], I read some more in Ian Fleming's James Bond thriller 'Doctor No', and found a mention of a 'Waygood Otis' lift (in Doctor No's lair). Now, I had always thought the only part of their name that referred to elevators was the 'Otis' part -- maybe 'Otis', by itself, is the name of the American division of the company. I never heard of 'Waygood Otis', and I've been in plenty of elevators and have read in bronze 'Otis' overhead many times. The 'Waygood' part of the band's name I always took, reasonably and justifiably, to mean that they were better than good, that they were "way good, man." Anyway, I learned something about SA music from a James Bond book.
-- Kurt Shoemaker, Texas, June 2001

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