Petit Cheval
The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift


  1. The Voice of Reason (6:14)
  2. Round the World (4:20)
  3. Glory Glory (4:24)
  4. Love is Knocking (at your Door) (4:45)
  5. Seems Like Heaven (4:20)
  6. Fine Time (4:41)
All songs composed by Jonathan Selby

Engineered by Ralph Martin & Richard Mitchell
Final Mix - Tully McCullagh
All arrangements - Petit Cheval


  • Jonathan Selby: Voice
  • Danny de Wet: Live Drums
  • Craig Else: Guitars
  • Sheldon Thomas: Keyboards
  • Chris Bekker: Bass Guitar
  • George Spencer: Congas
  • Mike Faure: Saxophone
  • Ralph Martin: Chants
  • Lesley Rae Dowling: Female Voice

Release information:

1986, WEA Records WIH 7033 (cassette ZWIH 7033)
Complete album available on Once In A Lifetime compilation CD released by RetroFresh in 2006.


All info supplied by John Samson, March 2001.

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