Petit Cheval

New Romantics from Pretoria

Petit Cheval



  • Jonathan Selby: Vocals
  • Sheldon Thomas: Keyboards
  • Craig Else: Guitars
  • Johan Griesel: Bass (not on The Perfect Gift)
  • Danny de Wet: Drums (later joined Wonderboom)

    Musicians on 'The Perfect Gift':
  • Chris Bekker: Bass Guitar
  • George Spencer: Congas
  • Mike Faure: Saxophone
  • Ralph Martin: Chants
  • Lesley Rae Dowling: Female Voice


Petit Cheval is French for Little Horse.

Where are they now?

SA Rock Digest Issue #7, 11th March 1999


In issue number 5, Nick asked "where is Petit Cheval?"

Well, here is Jonathan Selby's reply written especially for the SA Rock Digest...

Bio - click for bigger image I left for overseas in 1987 having become disillusioned with the "big fish in small pond" syndrome and a rather vacuous existence of sex, drugs and not much rock n roll. Yes, I did the "existential overseas" thing, and then came back in '88 and studied Psychology. I qualified with honours at UCT in the Cape (where I am now based) but decided I did not have the coping mechanisms required to be the object of peoples negative projections from 9 to 5. I then went on to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and also did a sub-major in Information Systems. I guess I had a yearning to gain knowledge and discover the truth! I joined Qdata as a consultant & then went full time into my own projects. One is a Graphic Design & Advertising Agency "The Graphic Shop" and the other is a software development company "Timelog".

Bio - click for bigger image I have not forsaken my musical talent however. I have a fully digitised studio setup at my home and look to complete an album this year, before the power fades in 2000! I have done some theme music for video and radio jingles (mostly on the regional Cape radio stations) for some of our clients and used the experience to master my digital studio. I am married now with a little 6 month old daughter. She is my current muse.

The music I am busy composing for the album reflects the changes in my life as well as the new peace presiding over me. It is of a more (or less...) contemporary rock format but will, I trust, be challenging and enjoyable to the listener. I released an album through Gallo some years ago (while I was at varsity, 93 or 94 I think) under the name "Big On Arrival" (BOA). It also features some female vocals by a talented singer from the Cape, Jennifer Jones. It is a very eclectic bunch of songs and reflects a rather unfocused stage in my life. However, it was never marketed and I never had the time to promote it due to my studies at the time. I think there are some gems on the album but I had a limited budget (what else is new) and never had the opportunity to produce the jewel I was looking for.

I will keep Brian informed about the album and I am happy to answer any further questions and/or make contact with other subscribers should they be interested. Thanks for the inquiry and look out for the Selby solo project!

PS: I do not know what the other band members are presently doing but when last I heard Craig (lead guitar) returned to the states to form his own band; Sheldon (keys) toured the states and is now back in SA with a design studio; Johan (bass) is one of the country's top sound engineers; and Danny has formed his own band (not sure of the name?) and until awhile ago co-owned a nightclub in Jo'burg called "Wings".

-- Jonathan Selby, March 1999

Scans from Stephan Forster, September & November 2001

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