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    The South African Rock Encyclopedia


    Sugar Music

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    South Africa's Rock Legends
    South Africa's Rock Legends

    Where the Legends of South African Rock still live!

    Introduction |50s | 60s | 70s | 80s | 90s | 2000-2002

    What about...??
    If your favourite South African artist isn't listed here, my apologies. Unfortunately I am no longer able to dedicate the time and energy to updating this website as I would like, so it will need to remain as a time capsule for the foreseeable future.

    SA Rock Files
    This website forms part of the South African Rock Files, the online archive for the history of South African rock music. Use the tabs on the right to take you to the different sections of the Rock Files.

    All the quotes from the book The History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa by Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz (1994, TOGA Publishing) that appear on this website are reprinted here with the kind permission of the authors.



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