Cutting Jade - Between Two Lives

Album Cover

October 2002, David Gresham, CDDGR 1544

Cutting Jade


    Disc one:
  1. 10 Seconds
  2. Look At Me Now
  3. Fight You
  4. This Life
  5. Fade Away
  6. Shoebox
  7. Beautiful
  8. I Want To Be
  9. Never Get Used
  10. One Good Reason
  11. Unspoken
  12. Lay You Down
    Disc two - bonus CD:
    So There We Were

  1. She Says from Showcase 3: Unearthed
  2. Little Death
  3. Against the Wall
  4. Young Blood
  5. Cry Later
  6. Every Room
  7. Through Different Eyes
  8. Swazi Malawi
  9. No More You
  10. Wasting The Moon
  11. Need to Change


  • Andrew Duggan: vocals
  • Shaun Collins: rhythm guitar
  • Raoul Dippenaar: lead guitar
  • Marliese Botha: bass
  • Jörn Dannheimer: drums


Pretoria rock band, Cutting Jade, have just released their second album, 'Between Two Lives' on the David Gresham Records label. The highly rated five-piece have also included their debut album, 'So There We Were' as a free bonus disc in the same packaging.

Cutting Jade's line-up is Shaun Collins (g), Jörn Dannheimer (d), Andrew Duggan (v), Raoul Dippenaar (g), and Marliese Botha (b). The band built a strong live following in Pretoria before signing to DGR 12 months ago, and have subsequently headlined many of the major SA festivals, had a 5FM Top 40 No.1, and appeared on 'Playlisted', the 5FM hit compilation.

The first single off 'Between Two Lives' is '10 Seconds', which has already racked up top spot on seven SA radio stations over the past months. The second single to be released will be the storming 'Look At Me Now', and another three songs could also be released over the next few months.

The bonus 'So There We Were' CD features some special mixes of that first album's tracks, as well as the semi-rare mix of the song, 'She Says', that was previously only available on the 5FM 'Showcase 3: Unearthed' compilation from 2001.

SA Rock Digest Issue #175, 14 October 2002

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