Cutting Jade - So There We Were

So There We Were

2001, Intervention Arts, CDCJ001
October 2002, David Gresham, CDDGR 1544
Bonus disc with Between Two Lives

Cutting Jade


  1. Little Death
  2. Fade Away
  3. Through Different Eyes
  4. Swazi Malawi
  5. Wasting The Moon
  6. No More You
  7. Against the Wall
  8. She Says mp3
  9. Young Blood
  10. Every Room
  11. Cry Later
  12. Need to Change


  • Andrew Duggan: vocals
  • Shaun Collins: rhythm guitar
  • Raoul Dippenaar: lead guitar
  • Marliese Botha: bass
  • Jörn Dannheimer: drums


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All info supplied by John Samson, July 2002

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