Nianell - Who Painted The Moon?

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November 2001,
Fresh, freshcd 121

SA Rock Digest charts:
highest position: 4
weeks on Top 20: 13


  1. Intro
  2. As One
  3. Isn't It?
  4. Who Painted The Moon
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Look Within
  7. Have Faith
  8. Just For Tonight
  9. That Way
  10. If I Could
  11. Talk To Me
  12. Feeling Grows
  13. Shining In Your Light


  • Nianell (Sonia Nel): vocals, piano
  • Mauritz Lotz: keyboards, strings, programming, guitar, mandolin, bass, producer
  • Louis Langeman: programming, sound engineer
  • Julian Wiggins: flute
  • Denis Lalouette: bass
  • Bruce Wallace: drums
  • Réana: backing vocals on 'Feeling Grows'
  • Miroslav Chakaryan, Susan Mouton, Marjan Vonk & Kevark Mikaelyan: string quartet


Nianell is a Namibian born-and-raised artiste. She has written and recorded three albums to date, showcasing the exceptional quality and control of her 3½ octave voice. Her song-writing capabilities and proficiency on guitar and piano / keyboard merge to create outstanding live and recorded performances.

With a performing career spanning a decade, she’s had some notable high points - including being chosen to perform for Mr Nobel of Nobel Peace Prize fame {Surely one of his descendants rather? - ed}. She performed to great success in Ireland, Belgium and France in early 1999, and her dynamic performance at The Majestic Hotel during Midem 2000 [International Music Trade Festival hosted annually in Cannes, France] led to an equally successful performance at Forte Riga. Festival representatives witnessed the performance and invited Nianell to the Latvian festival held annually in Riga. Nianell currently performs regularly in neighbouring countries, including Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. She also appears weekly at Johannesburg’s top international hotels, performing her own music to an international audience.

2001 has seen the completion of ‘Who Painted the Moon?’, Nianell’s most ambitious project to date. This full-length album, produced by industry legend Mauritz Lotz, is a moving and inspiring album. Opening with the track ‘As One’, the album is a journey into Nianell’s heart and soul, exposing deep emotion through the vehicle of beautiful melody. From the moving ‘Who Painted The Moon’, written during a lunar eclipse, to the exquisite ‘Just For Tonight’, the album leads its audience into a world of spiritual bliss. The uplifting ‘Have Faith’ reaffirms the need for trust, respect and belief in life and love through an up-tempo and inspiring beat.

Nianell also has as one of her long-term objectives to discover and promote new talent from Southern Africa. In 1999 she launched Nia Enterprises Limited. The company was registered for the purpose of launching her international career and then to help other very talented artists in Africa to do the same.

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